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Phd program Electrical, electronics and communications engineering (Torino)


Academic Year 2017/2018

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1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
01RJLRV    Advanced control in electrical energy conversion: a pratical approach to real-time implementation (didattica di eccellenza)       
01QRRRV    Advanced iterative techniques for digital receivers       
01QRORV    Application of cell method in multiphysics analysis       
01QTXRV    BIO/CMOS interfaces and co-design       
01SIHRV    Bio-Nano Electronics and BioMolecular Computing    D. Demarchi    
01QRMRV    Boundary element and integral methods for large-scale simulations in engineering       
01PJHRV    Cloud computing for e-science applications    O. Terzo    
01REKRV    Coherent detection: a revolution in optical communication    A. Carena    
02LWHRV    Communication    M. Docente    
01RNBRV    Communication II    da nominare   
01RLVRV    Complex Networks: Models and Applications       
01QRQRV    Compressed sensing: theory and applications       
01SWJRV    Control and optimization in Smart Grids (didattica di eccellenza vp)    F. Ruiz Palacios    
01SWSRV    Design and optimization of integrated energy systems (didattica di eccellenza vp)    Z. Lukszo    
02QGVRV    Design of HVAC systems and mechanical equipment       
01QRJRV    Design of semiconductor optoelectronic devices by example: GaN-based LEDs       
01RYHRV    Disruption Tolerant Networks: Routing Algorithms and Protocols (didattica di eccellenza vp)       
01RGERV    Electrical machines design for transportation electrification       
01QRNRV    Electromagnetic dosimetry in MRI: computational and experimental methods       
01QSNRV    Energy security in EU: Methodological approaches and policy making    E. Bompard    
01SHMRV    Entrepreneurial Finance    M. Docente    
01SGVRV    Entrepreneurship and start-up creation from University Research    E. Paolucci    
01PJMRV    Computer ethics    N. Patrignani    
01RTNRV    Flexible Optical Networks: Architectures and Protocols (didattica di eccellenza vp)       
01SFTRV    Probabilistic fundamentals and vision in service robotics    B. Bona    
01SIPRV    (It) Fundamentals of space technology: AOCS design for earth observation and gravity monitoring satellites (didattica di eccellenza vp)    L. Massotti    
02ITTRV    Photovoltaic generators and systems    F. Spertino    
01SZBRV    Green's Function Strategies for Integral Equation Solvers in Electromagnetics (didattica di eccellenza vp)    S. Adrian    
01RZURV    Responsible research and innovation - the role of ICT in the internet era    G. Colombo    
01RZTRV    Responsible research and innovation - the impact on social challenges       
01SGURV    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship    E. Paolucci    
01RHQRV    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course + project work)  12       
02RHQRV    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course + project work)       
01RHPRV    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course)       
02RHPRV    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course)       
01SIIRV    Introduction to Phased Array Antennas (didattica di eccellenza vp)    R. Naishadham    
02RGDRV    Introduction to synchronization in complex systems       
01RGDRV    Introduction to synchronization in complex systems       
02PJORV    Introduction to model order reduction       
01NTZRV    An introduction to synchronization in complex systems       
01RRPRV    Lean startup e lean business for l'innovation management    G. Perboli    
01SGRRV    Magnetic materials for electrical energy (didattica di eccellenza vp)    O. De La Barriere    
01QUWRV    Mathematical-physical aspects of electromagnetism    L. Zilberti    
01QFBRV    Metamaterials: theory and applications in electromagnetics       
01SFVRV    (It) Metamaterials: Theory and multiphysics applications    L. Matekovits    
01QRGRV    Microelectronics for radiation detection I    A. Rivetti    
01QRHRV    Microelectronics for radiation detection II    A. Rivetti    
01RHERV    Modeling of semiconductor optoelectronic devices by example: leds and photodetectors       
01DDWRV    Nanoelectronics       
01ECERV    Numerical tools for micromagnetics and spintronics       
01SIKRV    Optical components for Telecom (didattica di eccellenza vp)    M. Roussey    
01RZGRV    Optical devices, systems and architectures enabling future network infrastructure (didattica di eccellenza vp)       
01QRKRV    Optical methods in nanoscience       
01RGBRV    Optimization methods for engineering problems    M. Repetto    
01RQXRV    Pattern recognition and neural networks (didattica di eccellenza)       
01RNWRV    Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming: Challenges & Good Practices (didattica di eccellenza vp)       
01RGCRV    Power electronic systems for the distributed generation of electrical energy       
01LEVRV     Power system economics       
01SFURV    Advanced scientific programming in matlab    P. Bardella    
08IXTRV    Project management    M. Docente    
01RNCRV    Public Speaking II    da nominare   
01RISRV    Public speaking    M. Docente    
01SWQRV    Responsible research and innovation, the impact on social challenges    M. Docente    
01QRPRV    Satellite Navigation signal exploitation for atmospheric and environmental monitoring    F. Dovis    
01SAYRV    Self Management: techniques for work environment    R. Dolci    
01RGARV    Semiconductor Lasers and Light Sources for Engineers       
01ROERV    Sensorless control of electric machines       
01RHMRV    Short Course on Enterpreneurship       
01QHKRV    Power electronic systems for the distributed generation of electrical energy       
01RFGRV    Two-state quantum systems with circuit applications       
01MKSRV    Finite state dissipative quantum systems       
01QRSRV    Stochastic processes and queuing theory       
01QFFRV    Advanced techniques for optimization       
01RGGRV    Telemedicine and Distributed Healthcare    G. Pagana    
01RYVRV    The new Internet Society: Entering the Black-box of Digital Innovation II       
02RHORV    The new Internet Society: entering the black-box of digital innovations    M. Docente    
01SWPRV    Time management    M. Docente    
02RAURV    Topics In Internet & Society Interdisciplinary Studies       
01QEXRV    A revolution in optical communication systems: coherent detection for 100G and beyond       
01QRIRV    Understanding and using HEMTs: physics, experimental characterization and CAD modeling for microwave system design       
01SHCRV    Unsupervised neural networks (didattica di eccellenza)    G. Cirrincione    
02LGXRV    Evaluation of the environmental impact of industrial frequency electric and magnetic fields       
1,2  01QFARV    Embedded electromagnetic systems for the internet of things      Si tiene ogni tre anni; attivo nel 2016/17.  
1,2  03LCLRV    A Machine Epistemology    V. Marchis    
1,2  01SYBRV    Research integrity    M. Docente    
1; 2  01NDLRV    Italian language 1st level    C. Vanadia
M. Cattaneo
E. Baratono
G. Sanna 
01LGSRV    Characterization and planning of small-scale multigeneration systems       
01LYXRV    Electrical load management, forecasting and control    G. Chicco    
01DDYRV    Molecular electronics       
01QFCRV    Nanocomputing: devices, circuits and architectures       
01QFDRV    Photonics: a key enabling technology for engineering applications       
02PJWRV    Energy-efficient networking    M. Ajmone Marsan    
01PKBRV    Memristor-based neuromorphic systens       
01PKCRV    Surrogate modeling: theory for the user       
01QEZRV    Development and management of data-acquisition systems    A. Carullo    
01MMRRV    Advanced computational electromagnetics for antenna analysis and design       
01QORRV    Writing Scientific Papers in English    docente di lingua
docente di lingua 


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