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Urban Studies: key concepts, approaches and trajectories


A.A. 2022/23

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Doctorate Research in Urban And Regional Development - Torino

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This PhD course is part of the thematic path "Social, Economic, and Political Sciences" of the PhD programme in Urban and Regional Development. The course presents and discusses the current international debate on urban studies, with the aim to provide a wider knowledge on the main urban theories and to stimulate a critical knowledge of the contemporary urban phenomenon. Using a theoretical lenses, the course mainly refers to the contemporary city and the dynamic of urbanisation processes at different scales. During the course, a seminar activity is dedicated to strengthening the following skills: (i) reading and understanding articles published in international multidisciplinary journals (e.g. Urban Studies, City, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, etc.), and (ii) writing a scientific text in the field of urban studies (writing style, argumentation mode, use of bibliographic sources, etc.).
The course aims at presenting key concepts and approaches in the field of urban studies, with special attention to the rise of the so-called critical urban theory and its evolutionary trajectories. Lectures, which may involve other professors, are organised as a dialogue between different approaches to urban and regional studies. Three main topics are scrutinised: 1. Social sciences approaches to urban studies between critical urban theory and mainstream urban knowledge (3h); 2. Economic features of urban development (3h); 3. Differences, inequalities, and marginalities in the urban realm (3h).
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