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Failure analysis of brittle structures: finite fracture mechanics


A.A. 2020/21

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Doctorate Research in Ingegneria Civile E Ambientale - Torino

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The course aims to provide the fundamental tools necessary for the modelling of the failure behaviour of brittle or quasi-brittle materials and structures. The attention will be focused to structural elements containing defects (such as cracks, V-notches, holes), and subjected to different loading conditions. The crack onset or crack propagation load is achieved by means of the Finite Fracture Mechanics approach, based on the assumption of a crack advance which is discrete (and not infinitesimal, as in classical LEFM). Theoretical predictions will be compared with experimental data rising from different engineering fields.
The course will be organized as follows: - Fundamental concepts of linear elastic fracture mechanics (1.5 hours) - Finite Fracture Mechanics. Different theoretical models (1.5 hours) - Effects of the V-nocth, the root radius and the T-stress on the failure load in brittle structural elements (concrete, polymers, metals, rocks) subjected to different loading conditions. Interfaces and debonding. Applications in civil, mechanics and aerospace engineering (7 hours)
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