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Academic Year 2009/10
Building yards and plants for infrastructures
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Civil Engineering - Vercelli
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Civil Engineering - Vercelli
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ICAR/04 5 D - A scelta dello studente A scelta dello studente
Objectives of the course
The course is turned to students who are incline for an application adress, that want to prepare themselves for the roles of Director of the Workyard and/or of Work and/or Coordinator of the Security during period of Planning and Execution.
Are generally developed problematic aspects of the production process common to all the yards for the realization of various infrastructures and civil works in general, framed in the base aspects: laws and norms, organization and management, materials, operative ststems.
The arguments are made with particular regard to the financial and economic aspects and to the security norm, in application of D. Lgs. 81/08 (Enclosure XIV).
Expected skills
Good preparation in order to carry out the task of Chief Work Director, Director of Yard and Coordinator of the Security in Plan and Execution (ex D.Lgs. 81/08).
Science of the Constructions.
Is demanded the generic knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel and the relative use of the solver.
Module 1: Safety. [16 hours]
The responsible figures of the production processing during the stage of: financing, projecting, constructive, verification and test.
Plan and Work Direction, Coordination of the Security, technical Figures and responsibility, Customer, Contractor Enterprises, Work Responsible.
Practical administrative and book-keeping for the conduct of the public works (Legislative Aspects, Modality of execution of a public work, Ways of chosen of the contractor, the formation and the execution of the contract, the resolution of the controversies).
Fire Prevention and Protection. The Accidents Prevention and the Workyard Directive (D.Lgs. # 81/08); Legislative aspects: Responsible of Plan and In charge of the intense activities, the plans of emergency and coordination and the maintenance issue, the responsibilities in workyard of the plaintiffs of the production process, the POS, the area of workyard (reliefs of the site, enclosure, barrackses, warehouses, plumbing, A.C., electric systems, scaffolds, cranes and elevation systems, temporary works, technologies and infrastructures), the agencies of control.
Specification of Risks, Analysis and Risk assessment. Cronoprograme to the aims of the Coordination.
The costs.
Module 2: Workyard Machine and operative systems. [12 hours]
Classification for operation and function for road infrastructures.
Chosen of the optimal operating system; Productivity and minimum production cost in the time available from contract; Fixed hour costs and of exercise; Hour production of machines and systems; Security of earth-moving machines; Analysis of unit price of the movement of earth.
Module 3: Models of organization of the job. [12 hours]
Organization of job and PERT.
Legislative and contractual aspects; simulation of execution with the linear techniques; simulation of execution with the reticular techniques (determinist and statistical method) through the development of the stages of planning and programming.
Optimization of the technical resources: comparison between the resources (materials, labor, operative systems) programmed and the resources available with their balance (elimination of anomalies); Translation in date calendar and launch of the activities; Levels of simulation; Control of the performance of the plan, use of the shifts; Decisions and operativity in ipercritical times.
The Coordination between the Enterprises.
Module 4: Concrete. [10 hours]
The yard of production of the concrete.
Legislative and contractual aspects; Types and primary characteristics of the concrete (stiffness, machinability, durability, economization); Types and characteristics of acceptance of the constituent materials: concrete binders aggregates, water, additives.
The plan of the concret. Plan (mix design) of prescriptions of concrete, with mediated optimization of one or more primary characteristics; Controls on the fresh product; The controls on the finished product (destructive, seed-destructive, not destructive tests).
The concrete premanifactured.
The yard laboratory.
The analysis of price of the unit volume of concrete.
Laboratories and/or exercises
Many practices require the use of PC, with the professional use of programs MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project.
Practices come developed singularly, through compilation of facilitated modules.
1. Study of an operating system of earth movement with determination of the production costs [3 practices].
2. Organization of a yard with PERT technique comprehensive of optimization of the resources (labor, operation systems) and of the study of an offer with verification of the prices. Security Plan [1 practice].
3. Project of mixture of concrete of maximum density [2 practices].
4. Test of load and application of the theory on 5 deflectometer [1 practice].
Gazzetta Ufficiale: Public Works and Safety Laws.
Revisions / Exam
Interactive valuation of the practices, final oral Examination.

Programma definitivo per l'A.A.2009/10

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