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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2007/08
Fundamental of Electrotechnics II
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Computer Engineering - Verres/Ivrea
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Mechatronic Engineering - Verres/Ivrea
Teacher Status SSD Les Ex Lab Tut Years teaching
Maio Ivano Adolfo ORARIO RICEVIMENTO PO ING-IND/31 5 0 0 0 10
SSD CFU Activities Area context
ING-IND/31 5 C - Affini o integrative Discipline ingegneristiche
Objectives of the course
The main objective of the course is to introduce students to the comprehension of the basic laws governing electrical circuits, giving suitable and general methods for their analysis.
Mathematical Analysis I, Geometry
Basic concepts: charge and current, voltage, power and energy, resistive circuit elements. Kirchhoff's laws. Two-port resistive networks: dependent sources, ideal transformer. Ideal operational amplifier. Nodal analysis. Network theorems: superposition, Thevenin/Norton, substitution. Analysis of resistive circuits with ideal diodes. Linear capacitors and inductors. First-order dynamical circuits. Introduction to the sinusoidal steady state.
Selected chapters from:
[1] L.O. Chua, C.A. Desoer, S. Kuh, 'Linear and non linear circuits', Mc Graw-Hill, New York, 1987.
[2] C.K. Alexander, M.N.O. Sadiku, 'Fundamental of Electric Circuits', Mc Graw-Hill, New York, 2000.
Revisions / Exam
written examination

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