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Academic Year 2007/08
Elements of system dynamics
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Electronic Engineering - Mondovi'
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ING-INF/04 5 T - Attivita formative caratterizzanti transitate in discipline affini o integrative Ingegneria dell'automazione
Objectives of the course
The course aim is to provide basics on modelling, analysis and control design for dynamical systems.
Calculus, Geometry, Physics.
' System and model classification.
' Modelling of electrical, mechanical, electromechanical, thermal systems.
' Time-domain and frequency-domain, state-space and input/output models.
' Nonlinear systems and linearization.
' Identification basics.
' Dynamic and modal analysis, stability, stability criteria, local stability of nonlinear systems.
' Frequency-domain analysis.
' Structural properties and state-space control basics.
' Controllability and state feedback, observability and asymptotic observer, dynamic regulator.
Laboratories and/or exercises
Class and laboratory training deals with the solution of problems taken from the lecture arguments and the analysis of actual applications (e.g. magnetic levitator or inverted pendulum).
G. Calafiore, Elementi di Automatica, CLUT, Torino, 2004
Revisions / Exam
written examination.

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