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Academic Year 2009/10
Introduction to managerial economics for engineers
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Mechanical Engineering - Vercelli
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Civil Engineering - Vercelli
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Electronic And Computer Engineering - Vercelli
Teacher Status SSD Les Ex Lab Tut Years teaching
Rondi Laura ORARIO RICEVIMENTO O2 SECS-P/06 34 6 0 0 6
SSD CFU Activities Area context
ING-IND/35 4 T - Attivita formative caratterizzanti transitate in discipline affini o integrative Ingegneria gestionale
Objectives of the course
The aim of the course it to provide the students with fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting as well as of capital budgeting techniques that help managers to analyse firm financial and economic performance as well as how to exploit investment opportunities.
Expected skills
At the end of the course the student will be able to understand: i) the nature of the firm and the techniques to analyse its performance; ii) how cost analysis helps managers to evaluate the profitability of products, brand categories, production vs. distribution channels and make-or-buy decisions; iii) how capital budgeting techniques help managers to assess returns and risks from long-term capital investment projects.
Part I ' The nature and purpose of Financial Accounting
- How to read an annual report and interpret the company's main events
- Financial statement analysis
o The nature of the firm
o Principles and goals of financial accounting
o Income Statement
o Balance Sheet
o The statement of cash flow
o Financial statement analysis
Part II ' Management Accounting
- Cost drivers and cost management
- Direct and Fixed Costs: Break-even Analysis
- 'Make-or-Buy' analysis
Part III ' Capital Budgeting: The decision-making process for accepting or rejecting projects
- Investment projects valuation methods
o The mathematics of discounted cash flow
o Analysis of projects cash flows
o Discounted cash flow valuation techniques and criteria for project acceptance
o The cost of capital
Laboratories and/or exercises
Slides of the course
G. Fraquelli, MT. Carelli, A. Capriello, E. Ragazzi (2002), Il Bilancio per i Manager. Guida per interpretare i fatti aziendali. Casa Editrice Ambrosiana, Milano.
G. Fraquelli: 'Elementi di Economia Manageriale. Costi, Produttivitą, Investimenti' di, UTET Universitą, 1997
Revisions / Exam
Written test made up of financial accounting, cost analysis and capital budget exercises.

Programma definitivo per l'A.A.2009/10

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