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Academic Year 2008/09
Introduction to Electronic Measurements
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Electronic Engineering - Torino
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Pisani Umberto ORARIO RICEVIMENTO     4.2 0 0.8 0 5
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ING-INF/07 5 B - Caratterizzanti Ingegneria elettronica
Objectives of the course
The course is aimed to provide the basic knowledge of the modern science of the measures including the measurement uncertainties evaluation. The operating principles and the correct use of the electronic instrumentation both analog and digital is illustrated. The laboratory activity will help the student to acquire familiarity with the instrumentation and the measurement techniques.
' Fundaments of the measurement theory; The measurement process, the influence factors, direct and indirect measurements. The measurement uncertainties type A and B and their evaluation.
' International system of measurement unit; reference standards,
' The analogue oscilloscope: the principles, the use, measurement errors, rise time errors, delayed time base use.
' Instruments for measuring voltages, currents DC, AC . Resistance measuring techniques: volt-amp and resistor bridges,
' Digital frequency meters; digital voltmeters, simple and double integration, digital multimeters
Laboratories and/or exercises
The oscilloscope when measuring complex waveforms. Voltmeters mean, peak and rms when measuring waveforms sinusoidal and pulses. Resistance bridge; frequency measurements; LabView practical exercises
U.Pisani, Misure Elettroniche, Politeko Edizioni, 2000.
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