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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2009/10
Electrical measurement and instrumentation
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Electrical Engineering - Torino
Teacher Status SSD Les Ex Lab Tut Years teaching
Carullo Alessio ORARIO RICEVIMENTO AC ING-INF/07 36 4 16 0 7
SSD CFU Activities Area context
ING-INF/07 5 B - Caratterizzanti Ingegneria elettrica
Objectives of the course
Provide the knowledge for designing a measurement and for stating measuring results. During the theoretical lessons, a flow chart for the production of a measurement will be discussed and the deterministic and probabilistic methods for the uncertainty estimation will be described. Methods and analogue and digital instruments for the measurement of electrical quantities in direct and alternate current will be also described.
Practical lessons will deal with examples of uncertainty estimation and with laboratory experiments.
Expected skills
Electrical network analysis, knowledge of basic analogue and digital circuits, main rules for function derivation and integration, statistic data analysis
Mathematics, electrotechnics, analogue and digital electronics, probability and statistics
International organization of metrology and international system of measuring units (SI). Metrological characteristics of measuring devices. Direct and indirect measurements. Deterministic and probabilistic models for uncertainty estimation.
Operating principle of analogue instruments. Operating principle and applications of the analogue oscilloscope.
Bridge methods in direct current.
Analogue instruments for the measurement of alternate voltage and current.
Frequency and time-interval measurements.
Basics of analogue-to-digital conversion and of flash converters, successive approximation converters and integration converters. Digital multimeters. Basics of the digital storage oscilloscope.
Methods and instruments for electric power measurement in single-phase and three-phase systems.
Laboratories and/or exercises
Uncertainty estimation.
Resistance measurement by means of:
volt-ammeter method, Wheatstone bridge, digital multimeter.
Analogue oscilloscope and instruments for the measurement of alternate quantities. Measurement of active and reactive power.
A. Carullo, U. Pisani, A. Vallan, 'Fondamenti di misure e strumentazione elettronica', Edizioni C.L.U.T. ' Torino, 2006.
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Revisions / Exam
Written examination (alternatively evaluation of laboratory reports) and oral examination

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