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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2007/08
Turin: development and architecture
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Computer Engineering - Torino
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Telecommunication Engineering - Torino
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Information And Communication Technologies Engineering - Torino
Teacher Status SSD Les Ex Lab Tut Years teaching
Nicolis Di Robilant Manfredo       2 0 0 0 1
SSD CFU Activities Area context
ICAR/18 2 C - Affini o integrative Discipline ingegneristiche
Objectives of the course
Students will be asked to develop their abilities to understand the history of the city and architectures of Turin, within their cultural and intellectual context. In particular, they should try to define a general framework of key figures and events and compare some consolidated critical and interpretative approaches. Moreover, they will be asked to acquire a general knowledge of the basic iconography and build up a commonly shared repertory of icons, architectures and buildings.
The course will focus on the major trends, events, key figures and works in Turin architectural and urban history, from antiquity to the present. It will consist of 10 lessons (about 90 minutes), followed by a collective discussion (about 30 minutes). Active participation will be strongly encouraged.
The programme will include:
1. Introduction to the course
2. The city before 1563
3. The architecture in Turin between 16th and 17th century
4. The architecture in Turin during the 18th century
5. Introduction to the contemporary city
6. The architecture in Turin during the 19th century
7. The architecture in Turin during the 20th century
8. Architecture today, in Turin
9. The city at the beginning of the 3rd millennium?
10. Conclusions
Laboratories and/or exercises
At the end of the course, the students will be asked to present a paper (about 1.000 words), documenting a building or an urban space in Turin. Illustrations are indispensable and must consist of original drawings or photographs: photocopies will not be admitted. Before the final exam, the students must have discussed their own work with the teacher.
The course will allow 2 credits.
Attendance is mandatory and will be verified at the beginning of each lesson. Only 6 hours of absence will be allowed.

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