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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2007/08
Security and legislation in telecommunications and network transmission
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Computer Engineering - Torino
Teacher Status SSD Les Ex Lab Tut Years teaching
SSD CFU Activities Area context
F - Altre (art. 10, comma 1, lettera f)
E - Per prova finale e conoscenza della lingua straniera
Prova finale
Objectives of the course
The Course aims to define the most suitable instruments which will permit to face ' in a global and fully integrated vision ' the technical, organized and legislative items deeply influencing the Security of all the Business concerns Information Centers and more in detail the data transmission along all the possible networking systems.
The wider and wider diffusion of the telecommunications applications, the net-working transmissions, the larger and larger use of internet and the exploitations of its increasing applications, forced the scientists and technicians involved in this field to adopt ' at beginning ' special and well defined rules and regulations, and later have imposed the promotion and issue of Specific Laws able to define the use of Internet, its diffusion both on the Private and Public environments.

This has been possible after having stated the correct balance and plain definition of the rights/duties granted or to respect, aiming to the superior goal of setting a nearly absolute security and reliability of all the systems as for what concerns the Privacy protection, and the respect of all the sensible data, the protection of all the commerce and business transactions and moreover of all the electronic interchanges among Public administrations, and all private and public Institutions.

The due attention will be paid to the latest legislative Bills concerning the digital and electronic signature, to the extending use of smart cards in the most various and different contexts. The wireless application and the more and more increasing use of digital transmission techniques will be a consistent part of the program.
The present Italian Legislation and the EC directives in ICT; the International Legislation and Laws in the Main Foreign Countries out of the EC.
Data protection and security; encryption and decryption; legal and behavior aspects; the respect and safe protection of all the sensible data concerning both the individuals and the Businesses.
Constraints caused by the strict application of the security regulations applied and the due respect of the Law in force of right in all the fields concerning the electronic data retrieval, storage, use, forwarding, and processing.

They will be studied the data transmissions features and technical characteristics on the base of the documents concerned, the use of distinct identification signs, use of smart cards, or specific keys - both public and private ' in order to have a safe, protected, and reserved access to sensible data.
They will be studied and discussed the possible future scenarios, both on the side of the private entities a nd Business Concerns, and on the side of the Public Administrations and Institutions.
They will be compared the present state of art, here in Europe, first the EC States, - therein included the new Member States ' and the Foreign Countries, mainly the USA after the most negatively re-known accesses to Well Protected Sites as those belonging to American State and Federal Departments, Banks, Big Companies, violations of sites considered fully secure; and the many attacks of viruses launched through networks in order to damage even the most of domestic PC installations.
We will examine and define what a technician, a Business Concern, a P.A. must know, which measures they must adopt, and which instruments they must be supplied with.
This will be evaluated in touch with the real application to be fitted in, on the base of the specific customer's needs and requirements.
Which Institutions have been appointed to control the TLC and Networks and to apply all the issued bills and laws?
Is it possible to totally prevent? Is it possible to set up Data Transmission Networks able to activate self-protection systems able to avoid risks and losses to providers and customers?
They will be studied and compared the available methods and instruments, and those which are under evaluation or have been planned to be set up.

Among the topics we list even the following:

- Italian Patent Institutions: (UNI, CEI, etc.)
- European Standard Institutes (CENELEC, ETSI, EESSI,..) and American ones (ANSI, TIA, EIA, etc.)
- Institutions appointed to take care of Internet and data Transmissions (such as IAB, IETF, IANA , ICANU, etc.)
- EC Directives on the most updated TLC technologies
- Requisites and skills the Systems Administrators must possess
- Standards Procedures.
They will be supplied documents, abstracts, and electronic infos to support students in their Course of Studies.
Revisions / Exam
They will be based on a written text and an oral interview aiming to evaluate the level of knowledge and competence acquired by the students

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