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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2007/08
Numerical simulation of semiconductor devices
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Physical Engineering - Torino
Teacher Status SSD Les Ex Lab Tut Years teaching
Goano Michele ORARIO RICEVIMENTO AC ING-INF/01 2.8 2.2 0 0 6
SSD CFU Activities Area context
ING-INF/01 5 B - Caratterizzanti Ingegneria elettronica
Objectives of the course
The most important physics-based models used for the simulation of carrier transport in semiconductor devices are presented. Starting from Boltzmann transport equation, PDE-based descriptions (hydrodynamic, energy balance, drift-diffusion) will be derived, and the techniques used for their numerical solution will be discussed in detail. Various approaches to particle-based transport simulation (Monte Carlo techniques) will be also introduced and compared.
Basics of solid-state physics, electron device theory, numerical analysis.
Review of the crystal, electronic and transport properties of semiconductor materials. Semiconductor alloys and heterostructures.
Introduction to the empirical and ab initio approaches to the computation of the electronic structure of semiconductors.
The standard semiclassical model for carrier transport in semiconductors: the Boltzmann transport equation (BTE). The method of moments applied to the BTE: the hydrodynamic, energy-transport and drift-diffusion models.
Numerical simulation of electron devices. Discretization of the Poisson and transport equations with FEM and generalized finite-difference techniques. The Scharfetter-Gummel and upwind FEM schemes. Numerical accuracy and stability issues.
Direct solution of the BTE with particle-based approaches: Monte Carlo transport simulation.
Noise and sensitivity analysis.
M. Lundstrom, Fundamentals of carrier transport, Cambridge University Press 1999.
F. Bonani, G. Ghione, Noise in semiconductor devices: modelling and simulation, Springer 2001.
S. Selberherr, Analysis and simulation of semiconductor devices, Springer 1984.
C. Jacoboni, P. Lugli, The Monte Carlo method for semiconductor device simulation, Springer 1989.
Revisions / Exam
Written test, optional oral examination.

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