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Academic Year 2007/08
Filter and nonlinear networks
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Electronic Engineering - Torino
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Telecommunication Engineering - Torino
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Information And Communication Technologies Engineering - Torino
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Biey Mario ORARIO RICEVIMENTO     3 2 0 0 8
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ING-IND/31 5 D - A scelta dello studente A scelta dello studente
Objectives of the course
In the first half of the course, the students learn the simplest methods available for continuous (passive and active) filter design. In the second half, the main features of nonlinear circuits are described in details. Design examples and computer demos complete the course.
Basic filter transfer functions. LC filter design using handbooks. Frequency transformations. Single op-amp RC-active biquadratic blocks. Sensitivity of 2nd order transfer functions. Gain-sensitivity product. RC-active filters realized as a cascade of 2nd order building blocks: decomposition of transfer functions, pole-zero pairing, optimum cascading sequence. Design examples.
Basic nonlinear circuit elements. State equations of nonlinear circuits. Classification of qualitative behaviours of autonomous nonlinear networks. Stability of equilibrium states. Periodic solutions: limit cycles and main theorems. Non periodic behaviour: almost periodic solutions, strange and chaotic attractors.
Selected chapters from:
[1] R. Schaumann, Mac E. Van Valkenburg, Design of Analog Filters, Oxford University Press, 2001.
[2] S. H. Strogatz, Nonlinear dynamics and chaos: With applications to physics, biology, chemistry, and engineering, Perseus Books, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1994
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