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Anno Accademico 2007/08
Digital image processing
Master univ. di II livello in Navigation And Related Applications - Torino
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Magli Enrico ORARIO RICEVIMENTO O2 ING-INF/03 20 0 0 0 5
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Obiettivi dell'insegnamento
Lessons aim to provide basic elements about digital image processing. The first part of the course is focused on the fundamentals of digital signals representation and processing. Image compression techniques are addressed as well. In the second part the principles of image acquisition are given.
Part 1. (E. Magli ' M. Grangetto) [~20 hours]
' Introduction to digital signal processing
- z-transform
- 'digital' frequency
- linear systems
' Digital filters theory
- FIR and IIR filters
- main filter structures
- basics of filter design
- filter design demo
' Image processing fundamentals
- optical systems
- image acquisition
- Bayer matrix
' Pattern recognition fundamentals
- basic image processing operations
- template matching
- Hough transform
- application to road extraction
' A summary of information theory for lossless and lossy compression
- lossless and lossy compression
- entropy of discrete sources
- variable length coding concept
- rate-distortion curve
' Lossless coding techniques
- Huffman coding
- run-length coding
- dictionary coding
- application to the GIF file format
' Image transforms
' The JPEG lossy compression standard
' Advanced image compression, JPEG 2000 standard

Part 2. (F. Rinaudo) [~10 hours]
' Image acquisition geometric models
- Imaging geometries:
- whiskbroom
- pushbroom
- frame models
- Optical systems:
- optical distortions
- atmospheric and earth-curvature effects
' Principles of Photogrammetry
- Photogrammetry: principle, process
- Resection, intersection and triangulation
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