Politecnico di Torino
Politecnico di Torino
Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2009/10
Analog and Digital Sound processing
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Cinema And Media Engineering - Torino
Teacher Status SSD Les Ex Lab Tut Years teaching
De Martin Juan Carlos ORARIO RICEVIMENTO O2 ING-INF/05 4 1 0 0 4
SSD CFU Activities Area context
ING-INF/05 5 B - Caratterizzanti Ingegneria informatica
Objectives of the course
Basic knowledge of digital signal processing

1. Sound as signal. Main characteristics.
2. Digital representation of audio and voice.
3. Audio and voice analysis. Frequency-domain techniques.
4. Psycoacoustics for digital audio processing.
5. Digital coding of audio and voice. The MPEG compression standards. Multi-channel audio.
6. Score representation: the MIDI standard.
7. Audio synthesis. Sound models. Audio Synthesis based on physical models. 3D audio.
8. Algorithms for the restoration of audio signals.
Laboratories and/or exercises
Numerical simulation of the algorithms and techniques discussed during the theoretical part of the course, with listening experiments of the resulting signals.

Programma definitivo per l'A.A.2009/10

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