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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2007/08
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Telecommunication Engineering - Torino
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Benedetto Sergio       4 1 0 0 3
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ING-INF/03 5 B - Caratterizzanti Ingegneria delle telecomunicazioni
Objectives of the course
The course aims at providing the students with the theoretical tools that permit to analyza, design, and apply the most recent developments of coding theory, i.e., turbo codes and low-density parity-check codes.
1. A taxonomy of channel codes
2. Convolutional codes: state diagram representation, maximum likelihood decoding, the Viterbi algorithm, performance evaluation, systematic recursive convolutional codes, coding bounds
3. Concatenated codes: Reed-Solomon and convolutional codes, burst error correction and interleaving
4. Concatenated codes with interleaver: analysis and design of turbo codes, iterative decoding
5. Low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes: regular and irregular LDPC codes, message-passing decoding algorithm.
[1] Sergio Benedetto and Ezio Biglieri, "Principles of Digital Transmission with Wireless Applications", Kluwer-Plenum Publishers, New York, 1999
[2] Shu Lin and Daniel Costello,"Error Control Coding: Fuyndamental and Applications", Prentice-Hall, New York, 1983. Coding (01LQABP, 01LQAKZ)
Revisions / Exam
Written exam at the end of the course.

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