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Anno Accademico 2009/10
Analysis and design of electromagnetic devices by numerical methods
Dottorato di ricerca in Meccatronica - Torino
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Obiettivi dell'insegnamento
Aims of course:
The course aims to explain to the student the stages of the analysis and design development with numerical techniques of different electromagnetic devices. After a brief reminder on the main electromagnetism formulations and methods for the field solution, the most common types of electromechanical actuators will be presented and different modelling approaches will be proposed taking into account the presence of different coupled fields (electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal, etc).
The course concludes with the development of a project on a device in all its successive phases, carried out by the students themselves and comparison with experimental results.
Course contents:

First Part
Introduction to the formulations of the electromagnetic field in electromechanical components.
Introduction to the main numerical techniques for the field solution, with particular reference to the Finite Element Method and to the Cell Method.
Structure of numerical codes: pre-processing, solution, post-processing.
Performance and parameter extraction form local and integral quantities.

Second Part
Classification of electromechanical actuators.
Analysis of the electromagnetic field in different types of actuators:
' reluctance
' induction
' permanent magnet
with radial, linear and tubular geometry .
Coupled problems (electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal) and their co-simulation.

Third party
Development of calculation and design of an actuator:
' first sizing with traditional analytical techniques
' development of a numerical model
' simulation and calculation of the performances of the device
' refining project
' criteria for experimental verification and validation.
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