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Academic Year 2017/18
Project management and cost/value analysis
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Automotive Engineering - Torino
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ING-IND/17 6 B - Caratterizzanti Ingegneria meccanica
Subject fundamentals
The aim of the module is to provide basic abilities for an effective approach and management of automotive product development projects and to develop an attitude towards the management of the value of the product, by means of the acquisition of the most significant methods for cost and value analysis.
Expected learning outcomes
Criteria and approaches to manage automotive product development projects
Methods and tools for project planning and management and risk management
Methods for cost and value analysis and their optimization in product development processes
Prerequisites / Assumed knowledge
Fundamentals of Company economics
Introduction to automotive product development process and to business process engineering.
Reference scenario (competition, technological innovations, standardization).
Modelling and conceptual phases of the product development.
The time constraint of the product development.
Organizational models of the Product Development Process: the development platform of product and components.
Representation techniques and tools for business processes: IDEF, DSM.
The product development stages.
Creation and development of the product concept.
Product and production process planning.
Target setting and deployment by systems and components.
Product development and engineering.
Prototyping techniques and experimental validation of the project.
Characteristics and management issues of the Product Development Process (PDP).
Suppliers involvement during PDP (co-design).
The integration of the 'Voice of Customer' in the product development.
Project Management Theory:
Techniques and tools for project planning and scheduling phases (Project Plan, Project Breakdown Structure, Gantt diagram, Reticular Techniques).
Techniques and tools for project execution and control phases (Control plan, Key Performance Indicators, Earned Value).
Risk Management process: identification, evaluation and recovery of the project risks.
The management of the product development projects: Stage & Gate model and Design Reviews process.
Value & Cost Management Methodologies.
The product cost structure
Methodologies for product cost analysis: method by similarity, analytical method, parametric method and Cost Tables.
Cost management during the product development: Target Costing process, Value Engineering methodology (functional analysis, Function Cost Analysis techniques, value for the customer and cost for the company, value profiles optimization)
Cost management for products into operation (Value Analysis): approach to cost analysis for products into operation, differences from product development, management of cost reduction approaches.
Delivery modes
Preventive cost analysis of an illustrative component.
Value Engineering: construction of the functional tree of an illustrative component, use of the Function Cost Analysis technique, Value Profiles optimization.
Value analysis methods for products into operation.
Lab programme
Basic functionalities of a Project Management sw tool (MS Project).
Planning, progress check and risk management of an illustrative development project.
Texts, readings, handouts and other learning resources
Documentation in help is prepared and distributed by lecturer.
Suggested books:
Ulrich K.T., Eppinger S.D. Product design and development Mc Graw Hill.
Clark B.K., Fujimoto T. Product Development Performance Il Sole 24 Ore.
Tanaka M., Yoshikawa T., Innes J., Mitchell F. Logiche e strumenti di Cost Management Guerini e associati.
Assessment and grading criteria
The exam consists of a final oral test preceded by a written test.

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