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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2017/18
Fundamentals of electrical and electronic systems
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Automotive Engineering - Torino
Teacher Status SSD Les Ex Lab Tut Years teaching
Bertazzi Francesco ORARIO RICEVIMENTO A2 ING-INF/01 32 12 6 0 11
Tartaglia Michele ORARIO RICEVIMENTO     30 19.5 0 0 3
SSD CFU Activities Area context
C - Affini o integrative
C - Affini o integrative
Subject fundamentals
This course addresses the fundamentals of electrical circuits and introduces the key electrical and electronic systems, with emphasis on applications relevant to the automotive area.
Expected learning outcomes
Fundamentals of circuit analysis and lumped parameter modeling.
Properties of linear time invariant system, Laplace and Phasor analysis.
Analysis of simple filters and feedback amplifiers.
Design of basic digital combinatorial and sequential circuits.
Properties and design of data acquisition systems.
Use of electrical instrumentation.
Prerequisites / Assumed knowledge
Linear algebra, differential calculus, complex arithmetic.
Kirchhoff equations, nodal analysis, general properties of linear resistive circuits, 2-port elements, linear dynamic circuits, Laplace analysis, ac circuits and their applications.
Semiconductor devices (diodes, bipolar and field-effect transistors). Operational amplifiers, filtering and amplifying circuits. Circuits for digital applications: combinational and sequential circuits, memories, and programmable devices. Principles of analog to digital and digital to analog conversion.

Delivery modes
Electrical systems part:
- Problem sessions on the analysis of circuits.
Electronic system part:
-Classroom training aimed at solving problems inherent to the subjects treated in the lessons.
-Experimental laboratory on simple analog and digital circuits.
Texts, readings, handouts and other learning resources
Electrical systems part:
- Handout of lessons and set of problems posted on the portal
- Reference book: Chua, Desoer, Kuh, "Linear and Nonlinear Circuits," McGraw-Hill
Electronic systems part:
- Lecture notes of the course available online
- Reference book: R. Jaeger, "Microelectronic Circuit Design, " McGraw-Hill
Assessment and grading criteria
The exam is composed of a written test and an oral session. The written test has a "closed book" format, it lasts two hours and features question and problems on all the topics of the course. The oral session lasts about 15 minutes and it includes a discussion of the candidate’s written test as well as questions on all course topics.

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