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Anno Accademico 2014/15
Distributed programming II
Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Informatica (Computer Engineering) - Torino
Docente Qualifica Settore Lez Es Lab Tut Anni incarico
Sisto Riccardo ORARIO RICEVIMENTO PO ING-INF/05 40 0 20 0 8
SSD CFU Attivita' formative Ambiti disciplinari
ING-INF/05 6 C - Affini o integrative A11
The course is taught in English.

Optional course for the Laurea Magistrale degree in Computer Engineering, which is taught during the 1st semester of the 2nd year.
This course completes the students' knowledge and abilities that are taught in the previous course on Distributed Programming I and that are required for developing distributed applications. It focuses on the techniques for interactions among distributed applications, such as distributed services (web services) and XML.

Risultati di apprendimento attesi
- Knowledge of XML as a technique for data exchange among distributed applications
- Ability to develop applications for XML data manipulation using the Java language
- Knowledge of web services and related standards (SOAP, WSDL)
- Ability to develop distributed applications based on web services using the Java language
Prerequisiti / Conoscenze pregresse
Basic knowledge of the Java language and related programming abilities. Knowledge of the main application-level protocols for computer networks, with particular reference to HTTP. Basic knowledge on web applications.
Part 1: XML (2,8 CFU)
- Introduction to the techniques for data exchange among distributed applications
- XML and related techniques (dtd, schema, programming interfaces)
- Development of XML applications in Java based on standard programming interfaces

Part2: Web Services (3,2 CFU)
- Distributed architectures based on objects, components, services.
- SOA architecture and web services: features and reference standards (SOAP, WSDL)
- Web services programming in Java
- Design of interfaces for web services

- Management of concurrency, persistency, security aspects in the development of web services
Organizzazione dell'insegnamento
In addition to lectures, the course includes 20 hours of programming laboratory about the application of the presented techniques. During the laboratory time, the students will discuss with the teachers about the solution of the assigned exercises.
Testi richiesti o raccomandati: letture, dispense, altro materiale didattico
The course material will be distributed by the teacher and it will be available on the web pages of the course.
A textbook is suggested for the part about web services: Martin Kalin, ‘Java Web Services - Up and Running’, O'Reilly 2009.
Criteri, regole e procedure per l'esame
During the course the student will have to develop XML applications and web services using the Java language. The final exam will be at the Lab and will consist of a programming test (developing an extension of the programs previously developed during the course) and a question to check the knowledge acquired by the student.
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