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Anno Accademico 2013/14
History of architecture
Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Architettura Costruzione Citta' - Torino
Docente Qualifica Settore Lez Es Lab Tut Anni incarico
Pace Sergio ORARIO RICEVIMENTO O2 ICAR/18 60 0 0 0 2
SSD CFU Attivita' formative Ambiti disciplinari
ICAR/18 6 B - Caratterizzanti Discipline storiche per l'architettura
aking for granted the basic skills and competencies for the architectural history of the Modern and Contemporary ages, acquired during undergraduate education, the course in the History of Architecture offered in English by the masterís degree in Architecture Construction City will focus a number of keywords, recurrent in many different architectures of all ages and civilizations.
An essential vocabulary of architecture will be built and experimented, browsing words (and notions) like character, client, classic, construction, design, distribution, modern, monument, ornament, or style. The aim will be the visual and critical education of the student, who will be asked to read, understand and interpret the built environment according to these principles, crossing the boundaries of time and space, national histories and cultural identities.
The course will be based on a constant interchange between lecturing, reading and debating about global architecture. Therefore, the bibliography will be the very pivot around which the whole work revolves. Apart from the following list of general handbooks, each keyword will be accompanied by a list of selected readings: for the exam, each student will have to demonstrate his/her familiarity with both lists and, in addition, provide a critical bibliography on one single architecture, chosen within the first two weeks.
Testi richiesti o raccomandati: letture, dispense, altro materiale didattico
Francis D.K. Ching, Mark M. Jarzombek and Vikramaditya Prakash, A Global History of Architecture, Hoboken (NJ): Wiley, 2011 (2nd ed.) [isbn: 9780470402573].
Adrian Forty, Words and Buildings: A Vocabulary of Modern Architecture, New York: Thames & Hudson, 2000 [isbn: 0500341729].
Leland M. Roth, Understanding Architecture: Its Elements, History, and Meaning, Boulder (Co): Westview Press, 2007 (2nd ed.) [isbn: 9780813390451].
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