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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2016/17
Computer Tools CAD and GIS
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Green Areas And Landscape Design - Torino/Genova/Milano
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Piras Marco   O2 ICAR/06 40 0 20 0 3
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ICAR/06 6 B - Caratterizzanti Ecologia del paesaggio e ingegneria naturalistica
Subject fundamentals
Strumenti informatici CAD/GIS course aims to deliver to the students the digital map, relational database and geodeta acquisition tools and techniques basics, eventually managed using appropriate CAD and GIS (Geographic Information System) softwares. Particolar attention will be paid to public domain data re-use, defining, in the meantime, qualitative characteristics (geographic coverage, updating, metadata, etc.) and quantitative ones (reference and thematic maps precision and accuracy, completeness, limitation to the possible usage, etc.). Labs will be devoted to CAD and GIS softwares usage, where uploading, managing and reference and thematic maps layouts will be analyzed.
Expected learning outcomes
Students attending the course will be able to evaluate, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, characteristics of geo-data (vector and raster) fully exploiting its potentialities and usage limitations, when environmental and territorial issues are concerned. In addition, they will be also able to fully exploited open source data, evaluating, in a critical way, its contents when related to the concerned applications.
Students will be then skilled on digital maps and relational database basics, having the ability to design, manage and publish complex data models, implement to approach the predefined problem. The course, during the Labs, will grant the chance to use standard CAD and GIS softwares, living the students the ability to face complex problem arising also from other techncial and scientific domains.
Prerequisites / Assumed knowledge
No pre-requsiites are due, apart from a certain ability related to geo-data managing and to standard operational system (Windows).
Digital map introduction (2 hours)
Reference and thematic maps (2 hours)
Digital map characteristics (precision and accuracy) (2 hours)
Vector and raster geodata acquisition techniques (4 hours)
Height component, points, contour lines, DEM and DSM (2 hours)
Geodata publishing, layouts and legends (2 hours)
Relational database basics (2 hours)
Entity-relationship model (4 hours)
Complex data model design (4 hours)
Basics of public domain geodata (2 hours)
Public domain geodata dowload and data quality check (4 hours)
Basics of GIS (2 hours)
Data formats (2 hours)
GIS data creation (4 hours)
Map editing (4 hours)
Vector and raster layers and attribute tables (4 hours)
Spatial queries (4 hours)
Map layouts (2 hours)
Implementation of a complete operational example (8 hours)
Delivery modes
The training course is organized in theoretical lessons and labs (where will be granted the presence of extra tutorship). In the last part of the course a full implementation of a complete operational example will be delivered by means of a detailed written study.
Texts, readings, handouts and other learning resources
All the didactic material (mainly textbooks written by the professor in charge of the course) will be available since the beginning of the course.
Assessment and grading criteria
The final exam is constituted by a theoretical part, devoted to the evaluation of studentsí apprehension, and in the discussion of the final part operational project. The average of the grades obtained in the two parts, will be the final evaluation grade.

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