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Anno Accademico 2013/14
Sustainable Design and heritage enhancement: Mediterranean Ecocité as Creative City, Urban Regeneration in North Marseille
Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Architettura Costruzione Citta' - Torino
Docente Qualifica Settore Lez Es Lab Tut Anni incarico
Lombardi Patrizia ORARIO RICEVIMENTO PO ICAR/22 60 0 0 30 1
Trisciuoglio Marco ORARIO RICEVIMENTO O2 ICAR/14 80 0 0 40 1
SSD CFU Attivita' formative Ambiti disciplinari
B - Caratterizzanti
B - Caratterizzanti
Progettazione architettonica e urbana
Discipline estimative per l'architettura e l'urbanistica
The core of interest is the topographical, environmental, morphological asset of the north part of Marseille, where it’s being implemented a great regeneration project, which is recognized by the French State as EcoCité. There are plans to build a residential neighborhood based upon the idea of sustainable living like living in the tradition of the Mediterranean basin.
The specific aim of the Design Unit is the critical reflection on the idea of ‘heritage’: once a monument, then a cultural assets to pass down to future generations, today more and more a result of invented traditions and memories if not just a simple consumer good. The architect dealing with heritage has to undertake the task – by designing – of revaluating the object or rather of capturing each and every aspect (formal, material, constructive etc.) with his competence in such a way that this particular heritage will be given back a social importance.
As part of the experience within the Design Unit the students will expand their capacity to manage independently an architectural project, including its constructive and urban aspects by the use of the specific techniques, methodologies and competences of a European architect.
The Design Unit will offer an overview of the main requirements and available approaches for evaluating and managing heritage at different spatial scales. The objective is to provide a toolkit of methods for supporting managers and policymakers in deciding the future directions of society and the economy in the face of conflicting demands of short-term political favour, economic development, social progress, and environmental sustainability. Specific attention will be placed to both the concepts of "sustainable development" and "smart city and communities".

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