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Academic Year 2015/16
Media design
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Cinema And Media Engineering - Torino
Teacher Status SSD Les Ex Lab Tut Years teaching
Monaci Sara ORARIO RICEVIMENTO A2 SPS/08 100 0 0 0 3
SSD CFU Activities Area context
SPS/08 10 C - Affini o integrative Attivitą formative affini o integrative
Subject fundamentals
The course aims at providing the students with critical and methodological means for the analysis of cultural industries and their relations with the media. The concept of "cultural industry", convergence and network will be investigated through the theoretical approaches of sociology and media studies.
The course will give also the students the design tools (theoretical and practical) in order to realize transmedia contents able to integrate different media and communication languages.
The objective of the course is that of leading students in producing their own transmedia project, considering the communication network scenario, the users fruition processes and the new storytelling media opportunities.
Expected learning outcomes
- Cultural industries theories (cultural studies, media studies);
- Convergence theories (media studies);
- Network theories (sociology, network studies);
- Analytical tools to comprehend structure, organization and historical development of cultural industries (cultural studies).
- Students will acquire the design tools (theoretical and practical) suitable to realize transmedia contents aimed at the new cultural industries scenario.
Prerequisites / Assumed knowledge
No prerequisites or assumed knowledge is required.
The course is divided in theoretical lessons (5 cfu) and in a workshop section (5 cfu).

The first part will focus on topics and theories related to cultural industries in the contemporary convergence scenario (5 cfu).

In the workshop students will learn to design transmedia contents through:

- Transmedia design lessons (1 cfu): transmedia storytelling, how to concept a narrative world, how to write the subject, platform layout, product rool-out etc.;
- Lessons on software tools for editing and post-production of transmedia contents (Premiere, Klynt) (2 cfu);
- Development and advancing of transmedia project; students in groups will be supported by the teacher and the tutors in the design and production of the work (2 cfu).
Delivery modes
Along with the ordinary lessons, a few hours of the course will be devoted to the intervention of external guests (professionals of the field or scholars) and/or to visits to events of particular interest (es. View Conference, Movement Festival, Share festival)
Texts, readings, handouts and other learning resources
Bibliography for attending students

1) Slides del corso

2) D. Hesmondhalgh (2015), Le industrie culturali, EGEA (capitoli scelti)

3) S. Monaci (a cura di) (2015), Co-creation e peer production, EGEA (solo e-book)

Bibliography for non-attending students

1) D. Hesmondhalgh (2015), Le industrie culturali, EGEA (capitoli scelti)

2) Giovagnoli M. (2013), Transmedia. Storytelling e comunicazione, Milano, Apogeo.

3) S. Monaci (a cura di) (2015), Co-creation e peer production, EGEA (solo e-book)
Assessment and grading criteria
For attending students final evaluation is composed by:

1) Evaluation of the transmedia project realized in the workshop;
2) Evaluation of the oral exam focused on the books indicated in bibliography.

For non attending students:

Evaluation of the oral exam focused on the books indicated in the bibliography for non-attending students.

Programma definitivo per l'A.A.2015/16

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