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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2014/15
Workshop "Designing innovative pubblic spaces: a process for inclusive urban renewal"
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Architecture Construction City - Torino
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Ecodesign - Torino
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Architecture Heritage Preservation And Enhancement - Torino
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Bazzanella Liliana       80 0 0 0 1
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ICAR/14 8 D - A scelta dello studente A scelta dello studente
Subject fundamentals
This workshop is like a design challenge where the objective is to design an innovative an reliable solution for an urban space development. Students will be in tight contact with local practitioners, municipality, main stakeholders for co-designing a real urban space development. Such ideas are not new, although it is offered a unique formative experiences and an opportunity to test students ability to face real urban design issues. Urban spaces will be investigated by considering People at the center of the solution (people centered); moreover the physical space perimeter is considered in this workshop in its "phigital" (physical and digital) features, which become increasingly undefined and host more and more nomadic and informal practices and social interactions. There will be debates and meetings with stakeholder and local practitioners in order to understand expectation and exigencies. A web site will follow and report all the analyses and activities of the students, and likely engage new comments and bottom-up partecipation. The design workshop will be the core part of the education (one week work on site) and there will be lectures by special guest before and after the period. At the end, the analyses, the debate and the ideas will be summed up in alternative Design proposals (Scenarios) for a public space. With the coordination og Arch. Giuseppe Roccasalva (research center Laq/tip High Quality Lab - territorial integration project) of Politecnico di Torino, the students will work in tras-disciplinary teams. Each team will be assigned an expert tutor who will support them during all phases of the formative process. The final project will be presented at the Town Council and published on line.

Comune di Fossano, Comune di Nichelino, LAQ-TIP

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