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Anno Accademico 2016/17
Linear viscoelasticity of Materials (didattica di eccellenza vp)
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Underwood Benjamin Shane       20 0 0 0 1
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The aim of this course is to introduce concepts and calculation methods for responses of linear viscoelastic materials. The approach will be presented using principally a strength of materials approach, but with linkages to general continuum mechanics methods at the end of the course.

This course will have the following objectives;
Derive a mathematical model for linear viscoelasticity from a mechanical analog and apply the theory to experimental data in order to characterize the parameters of the associated models;
Apply Laplace and inverse Laplace Transforms to relate elastic solutions to viscoelastic problems;
Calculate the time-dependent stress (strain) response to a generalized strain (stress) input; and
Derive the time-dependent linear viscoelastic response functions from the frequency-dependent response functions and vice-versa.
Programma del corso:
Theory of Viscoelasticity
a. Time-dependent material response (Mechanical analog)
b. Linear black box theory using hereditary integral
c. Creep compliance, relaxation modulus, and complex modulus
d. Linear viscoelastic constitutive equations
e. Linear elastic-viscoelastic correspondence principle

- 15 maggio: 14.30-17.30
- 17 maggio: 9-13
- 19 maggio: 14.30-17.30
- 24 maggio: 9-13
- 26 maggio: 9-13
- 29 maggio: 9-13
- 31 maggio: 9-13
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