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Anno Accademico 2017/18
Network Design with Applications to Logistics and Transportation (didattica di eccellenza vp)
Dottorato di ricerca in Ingegneria Informatica E Dei Sistemi - Torino
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Crainic Teodor       20 0 0 0 1
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Transportation is the lifeblood of human society, of our countries and cities. Modern economies could not exist without efficient Transportation & Logistics (TL) systems. Indeed, most social, economic, leisure activities require the efficient movement of people and goods. TL also raises major challenges, however, embodied in the goal of efficiently and profitably supporting economic development, while reducing its cost in terms of pollution, congestion, energy consumption, etc. Cities, the economy, and trade are projected to grow significantly for the foreseeable future and so is the demand for TL services. How we address these challenges and how we build efficient TL systems that support this growth is critical to our economic, social, cultural, and environmental, that is, "sustainable", development.
The series of lectures will address a broad range of design planning issues for TL systems, from determining the long-term system structure to the selection of suppliers of goods and services, from the tactical planning of operations of consolidation-based carriers to the scheduling of services and resources, from traditional TL systems to the new organizational and business TL models, City Logistics and Physical Internet in particular, being proposed and developed to address the challenges evoked above. The lectures will focus on the main issues and challenges, and the Operations Research methodology proposed to address them, emphasizing the modelling aspects. As these models belong to the broad class of network design problems, which are difficult both formally and computationally, algorithmic issues will be discussed as well. Main topics:
Lecture 1. Transportation & Logistics systems, planning levels and issues, the network design problem class;
Lectures 2 & 3. Design of logistics systems: selecting locations and suppliers; multi-echelon and time-dependent systems;
Lectures 4 & 5. Service network design for consolidation-based carriers: designing schedules, addressing multiple decision layers, integrating resource management concerns;
Lecture 6 & 7. Service network design for City Logistics and other new organizational TL models.
22/2, 1/3, 15/3, 21/3, 19/4, 3/5, 10/5
All the classes will be held in the Ciminiera Conference Room (DAUIN 5th floor), h. 14.30-17.30
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