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Academic Year 2009/10
Thermal and hydraulic machines
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Mechanical Engineering - Vercelli
Teacher Status SSD Les Ex Lab Tut Years teaching
Dongiovanni Claudio ORARIO RICEVIMENTO AC ING-IND/08 40 36 0 0 16
SSD CFU Activities Area context
ING-IND/08 7 B - Caratterizzanti Ingegneria energetica
Objectives of the course
The course's aim is to provide the knowledge of the most important thermodynamic and hydraulic machines. Every machine is described by means of drawings and its behaviour is theoretically analysed. Particular care is paid to the choice of the machinery in order to optimize the plant efficiency.
Expected skills
At the end of the course the student must:
Be able to make a sketch showing the machine peculiarities
Critically analyze a machine and compute its performances both under and off-design working conditions
Be able to use the machine characteristic map
Be able to choose the right machinery in order to match the plant requirements
Students must have good knowledge of thermodynamic and heat transmission theory.
1. Introduction and machines classification
2. Fundamentals of thermodynamic and fluid dynamic
3. Nozzles and diffusers
4 Fluid dynamic similarity
5. Rotodynamic pumps, compressors and fans
- Design and off-design working condition;
6 Rotodynamic engines
- Hydraulic Turbines (Pelton, Francis and Kaplan), Gas and Steam Turbines;
- Cavitation;
7. Positive displacement machines
- Reciprocating and rotary compressors;
- Design and off-design working condition;
- Short account about positive displacement pumps;
8 Short account about Internal Combustion Engines
Laboratories and/or exercises
Practical activities are provided during the course. During these activities some practical problems are solved through the application of the theoretical knowledge taught during the lessons.
A.E. Catania, Complementi di Macchine, Levrotto & Bella, Torino
A. Dadone, Macchine Idrauliche, CLUT, Torino
A. Capetti, Compressori di Gas, Giorgio Editore, Torino
C. Caputo, Le Turbomacchine, Casa Editrice Ambrosiana, Milano
C. Caputo, Le Macchine Volumetrice, Masson, Milano
O. Acton, C. Caputo, Introduzione allo Studio delle Macchine, UTET, Torino
Revisions / Exam
Students can take the final exam only after the delivery and eventual correction of some exercises that the teacher will put on the course's web pages. The delivery and correction must be done before the end of the course. These exercises need some additional data that the student must ask to the teacher by means of an e-mail.
The exam is divided into a written exam and an oral exam. The written exam requires three exercises to be solved in three hours. Students that pass the written part are admitted to the oral one.

Programma definitivo per l'A.A.2009/10

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