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Anno Accademico 2009/10
Digital Communications
Corso di Laurea in Electronic And Computer Engineering - Vercelli
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SSD CFU Attivita' formative Ambiti disciplinari
ING-INF/03 5 B - Caratterizzanti Ingegneria delle telecomunicazioni
Obiettivi dell'insegnamento
The goal of this teaching unit is to deepen the study of digital communication systems and provide knowledge on information and detection theories.
Competenze attese
At the end, the student will be able to understand the detailed structure of a digital transceiver and to estimate the losses due to system impairments.
Basic knowledge on calculus, linear algebra, probability theory, stochastic processes, analog signal theory, electrical communications.
'h Digital signals, Z-transform, design of FIR and IIR filters.
'h Detection theory. Optimum receiver.
'h Information theory. Digital channel capacity.
'h Digital transmission on narrowband channels, intersymbol interference, First Nyquist criterion, equalization, Viterbi algorithm.
'h Digital radio-frequency modulations: equivalent baseband system. DPSK, MSK, GMSK, OFDM
Laboratori e/o esercitazioni
Theory and practice classes will alternate. Practice classes will be devoted to the application of theoretical methods to typical transmission systems in order to evaluate their performance.
J.G.Proakis ¡§Digital Communications¡¨ Mc-GRaw-Hill 1995
S.Benedetto, E.Biglieri, V.Castellani ¡§Digital Transmission Theory¡¨ Prentice-Hall 1987
Controlli dell'apprendimento / Modalità d'esame
Oral exam with an optional project to be developed on a personal computer.
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