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Anno Accademico 2017/18
Information systems
Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Gestionale (Engineering And Management) - Torino
Docente Qualifica Settore Lez Es Lab Tut Anni incarico
Demartini Claudio Giovanni ORARIO RICEVIMENTO PO ING-INF/05 33.5 4.5 42 0 10
SSD CFU Attivita' formative Ambiti disciplinari
ING-INF/05 8 C - Affini o integrative Attività formative affini o integrative
This course is designed for students interested in the business domain, who are next to become business professionals. The main goal is to help them learn how to use and manage information technologies to improve the business process, better supporting business decision making and gain competitive advantage. A major emphasis is placed on up-to-date coverage of the Internet technologies treated in the perspective of a dynamic platform for business, commerce, and collaboration processes among all business stakeholders.
Risultati di apprendimento attesi
Main KSC can be summarized as follows:
-Understanding the concept of a system and how it relates to information systems;
-Defining why knowledge of information systems is important for business professionals;
-Giving examples to illustrate how the business applications of information systems can support a firm’s business processes, managerial decision making, and strategies for competitive advantage.
-Providing examples of several major types of information systems from experiences with business organizations in the real world.
-Identifying several challenges that a business manager might face in managing the successful and development and use of information technology in a business.
-Providing examples of the components of information systems.
-Showing that in an information system, people use hardware,
software, data, and networks as resources to perform input, processing, output, storage, and control activities that transform data resources into information products.
Prerequisiti / Conoscenze pregresse
Basic competence, skills and knowledge of programming, database systems and computer networks.
Organizzazione dell'insegnamento
Lab activities address information systems life cycle management built around a specific case study.
Testi richiesti o raccomandati: letture, dispense, altro materiale didattico
-Marakas, O'Brian, Introduction to Information Systems, 16th Ed., 2013.
-Course slides
Criteri, regole e procedure per l'esame
-Written tests
-Case study development
Orario delle lezioni
Statistiche superamento esami

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