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Academic Year 2007/08
Hygiene and safety at work
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Automotive Engineering - Torino
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Oggero Simona       24 4 4 0 8
Oggero Simona       24 4 4 0 8
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ING-IND/17 3 D - A scelta dello studente A scelta dello studente
Objectives of the course
The module is aimed at dealing with the health and safety regulations at work with particular reference to Legislative decree 626/94.
After a careful classification of the subject's decree in force, general aspects, introduced innovations, the currently active decrees and recent modifications will be dealt with. The course will be divided into three formative modules organised in theoretic lessons and practical training, both done in classroom and workshops time programmed as visits to a plant of the FIAT Group aimed at seeing the recent practical application of work place's ergonomics.
The course will be completed with monographic interventions concerning to work place's Ergonomics and Industrial Medicine.
Expected skills
At the end of the module the student should have acquired a general knowledge of the vast amount of regulations in force in our country with regards to the subjects of safety and health at work and within that also know exactly how to use the provisions of the Legislative Decree no. 626/94, with particular reference to innovations and their consequences on business administration.
Industrial technical design, Mechanical technology.
Introduction to the Legislative decree no. 626/94 (6 hours)
Regulations on safety and hygiene at work.
Regulations plan previously in force with the Legislative decree no. 646/94: rules, community directives, technical regulations.
The Legislative decree no. 626/94: general aspects, innovations that have been introduced, co-ordination with the regulations in force.
Business re-organization, the subjects of prevention.
The employer, the directors and the people in charge.
The person in charge and the staff of Protection and Prevention from Risks.
The workers delegate for Safety.
The qualified Doctor.
The workers.
Analysis and management of the informative supports
National and International technical regulations.
Co-ordinated regulations.
The accident records and statistics.
Safety sheets on the substance of the chemical products/preparations used,
Instructions supplied by the manufacturers ((of) machines, equipments, individual protection devices).
Risk evaluation
Danger and risk concepts.
Structure and official principles of the risks' evaluation.
Different methods of risks' evaluation.

Evaluation of specific risks (10 hours)
The mechanical risk
Elementary forms of mechanical risk.
General prevention and protection techniques.
The changes introduced by the 3rd Title Legislative decree no. 626/94 and modification with reference to those already specified by the Presidential Decree no. 547/55 and the Presidential decree no. 459/96 (Italian implementation of the machines directive).
The risks in the places of work
The provisions of the current laws and the safety and health requirements under the technical regulations.
Environmental microclimate and lighting.
The manual transport of loads
The provisions under the Legislative decree no. 626/94 and the risks of back-lumbar injuries.
Preventative techniques for correct lifting and moving of loads
Auxiliary apparatus and means for the moving and manual transport of loads.
Use of apparatus equipped with video terminals
From the 90/270/CEE directive with the ruling of 6 July 2000.
General protection principles.
General survey of the obligations
Protection from chemical agents
Classification of the agents and evaluation of the relative exposure.
Technical, organizational and procedures to be adopted so as to have an efficient prevention policy.
Means of personal protection.
Protection from carcinogenic and mutagenic agents
Classification of the agents and evaluation of the relative exposure.
Technical, organizational and procedural measures to be adopted so as to have an efficient prevention policy.
Means of personal protection.
Protection from biological agents
Classification of the agents and of the relative exposure.
Technical, organizational and procedural measures to be adopted so as to have an efficient prevention policy.
Means of personal protection.
Fire risks
Fires and the prevention of fires.
Fire protection and the measures to adopt in case of fire.
The evaluation of the risk of fire and the company's evacuation plan.
Protection in explosive atmospheres
General requirements
Obligations due by the employer
Exposure to physical agents
Environmental noise (Legislative decree no. 626/94)
Vibrations (Legislative decree no. 187/05)
Asbestos (Legislative decree no. 626/94)

Measures of prevention and protection (4 hours)
Individual protection devices
Function and methods of choice
The risk's factors and the parts of the body to protect.
The company obligations and control of usage.
The security systems
Signals giving orders, obligatory procedures, warnings and information.
Auxiliary signals and instructions concerning security.
Information and training for the workers
Information on risks connected to the company's activities.
Information on risks connected to the activity carried out.
Training (measures and activities of protection and prevention adopted).
The obligations connected to the training.
The methods and implementation times.
Effective communication.

Monographic interventions on the themes of Ergonomics of the work place and Industrial Medicine (4 hours)
Laboratories and/or exercises
Training Programme
Organization of a report for the evaluation of the risks and analysis of interaction between enforcement of the Legislative decrees 626/94 and 494/96 in the management of contract work ( 4 hours).

Workshop Programme
Visit to a workshop of the FIAT Group (4 hours).
Distribution by the Lecturer of material for each of the topics covered in the lessons.
Revisions / Exam
Written exam (questionnaire with multiple choice and open answers) or oral.

Programma definitivo per l'A.A.2007/08

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