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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2009/10
1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process in Environmental Engineering - Torino
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Objectives of the course
This course, using computer science technology and technical documentation, offers a wide sight over different types of drawing, from techniques, to history, to methods of drawing. Topics are chosen focusing on needs of engineers working in civil, building, environmental and territorial fields, in connection with the academic curriculum and the professional skills required by the working world.
Expected skills
Students will be able to choose the best representation techniques and will have the skills to use drawing in civil, building, environmental and territorial engineering.
The knowledge acquired at the high school and the knowledge given by the courses attended in parallel with this one are required.
Technical information and representation: importance of drawing in graphical techniques, of information elaborations in managing and planning, historical outlines on the processes in progress, traditional and innovative processes.

Specific engineering language: technical drawing and geometrical data treatment, from tridimensional to plane space, orthogonal projections, assonometry, representation scales, etc.

Analysis and representation to manage a project: basic documentation to manage projects (i.e.: cartography in different scales, analysis of geometrical structuring of territory, analysis of buildings, etc.).

Digital technologies to treat data. Report writing for projects: assisted drawing, computerization and representation:

- Project's control

- Use of AutoCadŽ

- Tridimensional modelling

- Integrated data bank use

Easy access to official building and territorial systems, direct and/or remote professional advice (Internet).
Laboratories and/or exercises
During practicals students must produce graphical elaborations, using topics studied in the course.

Each educational unit is resumed in files avaliable to students.

In computer science elaboration lab specific programs and applications are used.
Check availability at the library

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