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Politecnico di Torino
Academic Year 2015/16
Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Electrical Engineering - Torino
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Subject fundamentals
The thesis represents a key point in the formation process of the Master course, and consists of a written report that must be prepared in an individual and original way under the guidance of a supervisor and of possible co-supervisors. The student must carry out the detailed activities in an autonomous way, perform a critical review of the available documents, elaborate the problem and propose appropriate engineering solutions.
The thesis work may be carried out in the Departments of Politecnico di Torino, at other National or International Universities, at external research laboratories or at Industries and professional teams with which there are collaboration agreements or partnerships.
The presentation and discussion of the thesis work occur with the final exam Commission. The candidate has to demonstrate his/her skills to operate in an autonomous way, knowledge of the topics addressed and attitude to synthesize and discuss the contents.
The thesis may be written in Italian or in English language.

Procedure for presenting and discussing the thesis:
- send the documents requested for participating to the graduation session to the University Secretariat before the deadline indicated by the University;
- send the PDF file containing the thesis document before the deadline to the Secretariat of the College of Electrical Engineering (Energy Department, North side);
- prepare and send to the Secretariat of the College of Electrical Engineering a two-page Summary of the thesis, in Italian language (in double column format);
- bring at least one copy of the thesis for the public discussion with the Commission in the graduation session;
- prepare a slideshow presentation (e.g., PowerPoint) with a maximum of 15 slides, to be presented during the graduation session in less than 10 minutes, indicating prevailingly the personal original contribution;
- during the graduation session, the presentation is followed by the public discussion of the thesis with the Commission;
- at the end of the graduation session, the original certificate will be given to the graduate students.

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