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  Motivations for the project "Scuola Interpolitecnica di Dottorato"

The members' availability of a well-established tradition of scientific excellence in the reference fields of study, high quality research facilities and large financial resources devoted to research, enough human resources (researchers, professors, technicians) and scientific skills; suitable teaching facilities.

The acknowledged need to share teaching and research resources: there are many laboratories as well as active co-operations with the scientific community and with firms, complementary among the partners; the sharing shall result in an interesting expected synergetic outcome. Methodologies and issues are quite different within each reference area, new useful spurs could arise from comparison, even a critical one; the intersection of the goals is, without doubt, a good groundwork.

The acknowledged need to give life to an advanced networked institution, based on a new "contamination" of ideas pursuing new scientific issues of common interest (linked, for example, to innovative materials, new nanotechnologies, challenges from environment) and new cross scientific fields of study (arising, for instance, from challenges of the frontier issues of biomedical engineering), requiring synergy of skills from different sectors.
Higher students' and professors' mobility and flexibility is essential to achieve such goals.

The call for new professional figures arising strongly from the socio-economical background of the three partners:
-  Trained in basic and applied research oriented to academic but also to business world, the latter devoted to innovation of products and production processes.
-  Able to work in highly inter-disciplinary context.
-  Able to work in the field of the most innovative technologies.
-  Able to be part of a new management, sensitive and attentive to research goals and issues.