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  The Director of the School

The Director coordinates all efforts needed to carry out the School and the related activities,  conducting a preliminary evaluation of the didactic, scientific and economic results;  he/she ensures that the decisions of the Scientific Council are duly implemented; he/she approves the guidelines identified by the Work Group for the development of the initiative and  ensures that the tasks entrusted to the Polytechnic of Turin in its capacity as project coordinating body are duly implemented.

  The Scientific Board

The Scientific Board ensures the progress, validity and quality of the activities, monitoring their results in order to ensure that the established goals are achieved. The Scientific Board approves the specific didactic programs and the activities of advanced research, proposed by the Work Group.
The Board is composed of the Director of the School and of ten experts from the international scientific community who are eminent in the reference disciplines or research areas.
The Scientific Board meets all the students once a year in order to evaluate the results of the activity research and to approve, monitor and control them, with special attention to the issue of scientific quality, policy and strategies.

  The Workgroup

The Workgroup is an executive body that works as an interface between the Scientific Council and the project stakeholders, coordinated by the Director of the School. It is staffed by fifteen members, one from each scientific  area for each institution, working jointly or divided in disciplinary Subgroups.
The Workgroup draws up the guidelines for the development of the initiative; collaborates with the Director in maintaining contacts with the members of the Scientific Committee so that they may receive continuous and updated information on the School’s activities. The Workgroup helps the Director in coordinating the three partner Institutions, working in liaison with the Academic Boards involved in the School.