Laurea (1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process) IN CIVIL ENGINEERING IN WATER MANAGEMENT

Academic Year 2009/10

First established in this format in the A.Y. 2004/05

First School of Engineering

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Campus: MONDOVI'


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Taught in Italian


Duration and location

Duration: 2 years
Location: Mondovì - Via Cottolengo 29 (CN)
Secretariat: Secretariat Mondovì

Professional profile

The graduate in Civil engineering in water management has competences and knowledge to face water scarcity and environmental protection.
Qualifying aspects
Water supply is a world problem and it will increase in the next years, becasue of the rise of human population.
It is becoming also very important the combination of water-environment, such as the protections and prevention from floods, the environmental safeguard, etc. The graduate is a high profile technician, who works in a very important and relevant field.
Job opportunities
The graduate could work in public bodies handling water, environment and territory; or in firms or private companies.

Course structure

This course develops a person able to safeguard water pollution and to manage the integrated water cycle. To reach this aim a great importance is given to basic engineering topics, like mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science, civil engineering and water conduction.
The location has access to labs for basic hydraulics and one for the analysis of water.

II and III yaer of the course are included in the Progetto di Rafforzamento delle Lauree Professionalizzanti (PRLP)(Reinforcement Project for Professional Degrees).

Final exam

The final exam consists of a public discussion of a dissertation or of a written thesis. The final assesment of the student is a combination of the average score obtained through all courses attended during his/her academic period plus the score of the final exam.

Master of Science (Laurea specialistica)

After the Bachelor (Laurea di I livello) it is possible to enter the Master of Science (Laurea specialistica)in Civil engineering in water management (Mondovì). Another choice is to study Civil and Environmental Engineering (Laurea Degree Class N.8) in Torino. Master of Science Degree in Civil engineering in water management (Mondovì)
The Masters in Civil Engineering in water management gives the graduates knowledge and skills to intervene in the territories. Many topics deal with engineering planning with an environmental point of view. The course gives basic knowledge, studying in depth the ones acquired in the Bachelor's Degree, and specific knowledge of hydraulic applications. Graduates can be employed in bodies dealing with water and territory, in professional offices and in research field.


What is the difference between a degree in Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering in Water Management? The two courses are very similar: civil engineering in water management includes all topics of the civil engineering, but studies in depth the topics in water management.