Laurea (1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process) IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

Academic Year 2009/10

First established in this format in the A.Y. 2004/05

First School of Engineering

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Taught in Italian


Duration and location

Duration: 3 years
Location: Alessandria - Via T. Michel 5 - 15100
Secretariat: Secretariat Alessandria
The same course takes place in Torino

Professional profile

A graduate in Electrical engineering studies, plans and realizes components for the production, transmission, conservation and use of electric energy.
Qualifying aspects
Electric energy is the most widespread and important type of energy used by advanced Countries and its supply is very important for the growth of the Country itself. Apart from the daily request for energy and engineers that can manage them, it is extremely important to study renewable energy sources and be aware of problems concerning energy.
Job opportunities
An electrical engineer is easily employed due of his versatility and also because of the fact that there are few graduates who are not sufficient for the requests of the work-market. He/She can usually work in:

  • firms and bodies for production, transmission and distribution of electric energy, working in the competitive energy-market;
  • industries that produce machines and systems for industrial automation;
  • industries that requires skills for advanced design (i.e. car industries) or managing production;
  • firms and bodies that design and manage electric systems;
  • technical schools and institutes;
  • university and research.

    Course structure

    This curriculum gives students basic education as well as specific skills on energy, plant engineering and automation. During the first 2 years basic topics such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and basic engineering are studied . The III year is based on plant engineering and design of electric devices.
    Electrical labs will be arranged, computer science labs are very important as well for simulation and design.

    Final exam

    The final exam consists of the public discussion of a dissertation or a written thesis. The final assesment of the student is a combination of the average score obtained through all courses attended during his/her academic period plus the score of his/her final exam.

    Master of Science (Laurea specialistica)

    After the Bachelor (Laurea di I livello) it is possible to enter the Master of Science (Laurea specialistica) in Electrical engineering
    Master of Science Degree in Electrical engineering
    The Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering puts electrical knowledge together with components in order to find employment easily. During the first semster basic topics are studied in depth after which planning aspects like electrical systems, industrial automation and electrical conversion become more important.
    The employment of an electrical engineer is attributed to the central role electrical energy has in every human activity and to the flexibility of his education. The liberalization of the electric market has given a lot of new work opportunities and the widespread use of electricity requires extremely specific skills.
    Students have the possibility to study abroad and it is sometimes possible to obtain a double degree in partnership with other European universities.


    What is the difference between a degree in Electrical Engineering and the one in Electronic engineering ? Electronic Engineering deals with small values of energy present in signals used to transmit information while Electrical Engineering deals with elevated values of energy in all its different forms.
    The widespread confusion between electrical and electronics, often enhanced by the media, makes people think electronic means modern, so much that an electric motor controlled by electronic devices is called "electronic". Not many understand that an Electrical Engineer by him/herself has strong competence that can be used in industrial applications.
    How is it possible to become a professional in the electrical field? To become a freelancer it is necessary to be a part of the Register of Engineers which requires passing an exam. There are 2 levels associated with this:A for the Master's Degree (Laurea specialistica) and B for the Bachelor's Degree (Laurea di I livello). After being accepted to the Register it is important that you still obtain the associated qualifications and certifications.