Laurea (1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process) IN BUSINESS ORGANIZATION ENGINEERING

Academic Year 2009/10

First established in this format in the A.Y. 2001/02

School of Management and Industrial Engineering

Struttura organizzativa della Facolta

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Campus: TORINO


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Taught in Italian


Duration and location

Duration: 3 years
Location: Torino, Duca degli Abruzzi 24
Secretariat: Southern Secretariat

Professional profile

A graduate in Business Organization Engineering has a double education, since he/she knows business and computer science. Thanks to these skills, this professional can analyze business processes and plan information systems and manage their implementation.
Qualifying aspects
A graduate in Business Organization Engineering has a big importance for companies that want to use complex information systems, supporting the other activities. Thanks to the standardization of the information systems and of their components, the computerization of companies is no longer a problem from technological point of view, while planning and organizing problems are becoming more important. "To organize" means to adapt business proceedings and to form specialized people. In Italy the field of business information systems is very interesting for companies. This course gives a solid technical, cultural and methodological basis.
Job opportunities
A graduate in Business Organization Engineering can be employed in companies that use information systems, in counsultancy: industrial field, information-intensive field (like banks or insurances) and in public administration; he/she can handle development, maintenance, interaction with other processes, outsourcing of informatic services; he/she can manage the organization of a firm and the customer care, in order to develope and personalize information systems.

Course structure

This course has one curriculum and during the three years topics are divided in three fields:

  • mathematics, physics and chemistry topics, that give basic culture and methodologies needed for further topics;
  • computer science and telecommunication topics, focusing on e-commerce, law and security;
  • managerial topics, that give the students skills to understand the functioning of a business, production and economics.
    There are labs for mathematics and computer science and labs for other main lectures. Relistic problems are faced up and to solve them the knowledge acquired during the lectures is used.
    Currently software for computation and optimization are used and there is a lab for integrated business managing (in collaboration with SAP, a leading company in this area).
    Further activities
    Meetings and seminars held by important industrial managers are arranged.

    The II and III year of this course are included in the Progetto di Rafforzamento delle Laureee Professionalizzanti (PRLP, Reinforcement Project for Professional Degrees).

    Final exam

    The final exam consists of a public discussion of a dissertation or of a written thesis. The final assesment of the student is a combination of the average score obtained through all courses attended during his/her academic period plus the score of the final exam.

    Master of Science (Laurea specialistica)

    The Bachelor (Laurea di I livello) gives access to the Master of Science (Laurea specialistica)in Industrial Engineering and Management. It is also possible to enter the Computer Engineering course, adding some specific topics to the program of study.
    Master of science (Laurea specialistica) in Industrial Engineering and Management
    This Master of Science gives the graduate the opportunity to get in-depth skills in the topics previously acquired, especially in managing and organization fields. In particular:

  • he/she can analyze the market and value the competitivness of companies;
  • he/she can formulate business-policies coherent with the strategy used by the company he/she is working for;
  • he/she has a deeper knowledge of technological aspects, than a Bachelor's graduete.
    This reachness in skills enables the graduate to work in managing positions and in a greater number of business funtions and fields.


    What is the difference between Business Organization Engineering and Logistics and Production Engineering? These two courses give equivalent skills on managing, but the technological contents are different. The Business Organization Engineering course gives a more technical education oriented to the use of computer science and telecommunication in organizing processes. The Logistics and Production Engineering course gives skills on industrial and distribution fields, and on methods used to manage production.
    What is the difference between Business Organization Engineering and the courses of the School of Economy? Business Organization Engineering is similar to the courses in economy, but the professional graduate is quite different, because of the technological and scientific education of the engineer. He/She has economic and managerial knowledge in order to understand the economic importance of technology and has management skills.
    Also the employment fields are different, since the engineer can manage administrative aspects as well.
    What is the difference among Business Organization Engineering, Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering of the III School of Engineering? Business Organization Engineering includes economic and managerial topics, while Computer and Telecommunication topics are oriented to create engineers able to understand information systems' potential and plan their business processes. This course is not focused just on a single technology, but on the skill to integrate different technologies, in order to renew companies' processes.