Laurea (1st degree and Bachelor-level of the Bologna process) IN ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN

Academic Year 2009/10

First established in this format in the A.Y. 2000/01

Second School of Architecture

Struttura organizzativa della Facolta

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Campus: MONDOVI'


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Taught in Italian


Duration and location

This is a close number course, with 100 available places

Duration: 3 years
Location: Mondovì - Via Cottolengo 29 (CN) Tel. 0174.560.811
Secretariat: Secretariat Mondovì
The same course takes place in Torino.

Professional profile

A graduate in Architecture and Design is a professional expert able to analyze in a critical way architectural works and the evolution of the space inhabited by humanity. He/She can cooperate in planning and realizing changes in the environment; he/she can make historical and morphological analysis, reliefs, surveys, etc.
Qialifying aspects
The European Community considers the architects as experts to be protected. This implies a growing importance in the field of safeguard of places and environmental upgrading processes.
This is possible because of the multidisciplinary character of this course: the space on which an architect intervenes has no physical dimensions, but has an historical identity, with specific features. It is important that the students of this course have many interests.
Job opportunities
A graduate can be employed in professional offices, in public and private bodies, in industries, etc. There is a specific section in the Register of Architects, on which an architect can be put after having passed the exam, in section B (junior architect).

Course structure

There is one single curriculum for this course.
The aim of this course is to give skills that make the engineer able to be employed as soon as possibile, and impart knowledge that give him/her the opportunity to attend a Master of Science (Laurea specialistica)(recognized in Europe). The basic topics are drawings, geometry, computer science and mathematics. But also characterizing topics are studied, from the I year on (history of architecture, planning, analysis of town, etc). During the II and III year some very specific topics are studied, like topography, assessable value, town planning, etc; besides sociology and a foreign language, are studied.
One of the most interesting aspects of the course is the opportunity to apply what is studied to concrete examples. According to this a lot of laboratories are arranged: there are annual labs, within which students learn how to work in a group, supported by a professor, and how to write projects. Students develop communication skills, which are very important in this profession.
Those who want to attend the course Land, Town and Environment Planning can choose the curriculum Architecture of Green Areas, which includes some specific topics at the Faculty of Agriculture.
During the III year it is compulsory to undergo training and the final exam consists of the oral discussion of a tesi, a work written by the student, with his inputs on the course.
Architectural planning labs are arranged during each year of the course. During the II year a lab on Construction is arranged. During the III year in Torino there are labs on Town Planning and Technological Innovation; in Mondovì there are labs on Town Planning and Environmental Technology.
Further activities
Students can attend thematic workshops in order to deepen their knowledge.

Here you can find "Further informations" on the course in Mondovì Courses of the II School of Architecture p. 89.

The II year of this course is included in the Progetto di Rafforzamento delle Lauree Professionalizzanti (PRLP)(Reinforcement Project for Professional Degrees).

Final exam

The final exam consists of a public discussion of a dissertation or of a written thesis. The final assesment of the student is a combination of the average score obtained through all courses attended during his/her academic period plus the score of the final exam.

Master of Science (Laurea specialistica)

This Bachelor (Laurea di I livello)gives access to the following Master of Science Degrees(Laurea specialistica):

  • Master of Science Degree (Laurea specialistica) in Architecture (Torino)
  • Master of Science Degree in Architecture (Rehabilitation and Revaluation)(Torino)
  • Master of Science Degree in Architecture (Environment and Land)(Mondovì)
  • Master of Science Degree in Land, Town and Environment Planning (Torino)
    After having passed the exam it is possible to be put on the Register of Architects, section A.
    Master of Science Degree (Laurea specialistica)in Architecture (Torino) This Master of Science creates designers that can represent theoretical and methodological aspects of the basic sciences, technological and structural aspects of contructions. They can understand and solve complex architectural problems, transform and modify the environment, according to the need of the contemporary society.
    They can plan works and manage their realization, coordinating the work of other experts in architecture, restoration, urban green and landscape.
    Master of Science Degree (Laurea specialistica) in Architecture (Rehabilitation and Revaluation)(Torino)
    To have more information on this course you can see the paragraph on the Bachelor in History and Preservation of Architectural and Environmental Heritage.
    Master of Science Degree (Laurea specialistica) in Architecture (Environment and Land)(Mondovì)
    This Master of Science Degree creates planners with a deep knowledge of the tools to represent theoretical and methodological aspects of architecture, technological and structural aspects of contructions. A graduate can face with great competence functional, managing, economic and technical aspects related to environmental problems. Master of Science Degree in Land, Town and Environment Planning The aim of this course is to give precise skills in parks and historical gardens planning, finalized to the definition of correct new interventions, to maintenance and to restoration.


    With a Bachelor in Architecture and Design is it possible to work as an interior designer? Yes, it is marginally possible but the skills of a graduate are oriented to the construction field: there are just a few topics dedicated to interior design.