Laurea Specialistica (Master of science-level of the Bologna process) IN GARDENS, PARKS AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN

Academic Year 2007/08

First established in this format in the A.Y. 2004/05

Second School of Architecture

Struttura organizzativa della Facolta

Campus: TORINO


Taught in Italian


Duration and location

Duration: 2 years
I and II year lectures are held at Castello del Valentino - Viale Mattioli 39
Secretariat: Architecture Secretariat

Professional profile

The Master of Science degree(Laurea specialistica) in Gardens, Parks and Landscape Design caters to the needs of working professionals - who are looking to strengthen their skills further, and students with a Bachelor (Laurea di I livello), coming from Agriculture or Architecture, who want to specialize in gardening and landscaping.
The aim of this course is to make professionals able to understand and manage planning problems on an urban scale, relating to the realization of new areas and managing different kinds of vegetation, from selection of species, to maintenance, of the project. The main aim of this course is to give precise skills to handle parks and historical gardens, in order to enable the graduates to tackle different problems connected to the study, the mapping and the cataloguing of historical gardens and to define the correct maintenance of restoration programmes.
The expert can be connected to the Agronomist Landscape Gardener and to the Forest Landscape Gardener, formed by the Agriculture faculty of the Università degli Studi di Torino, within the Specializing School (Scuola di specializzazione) of Parks and Gardens. These experts are positively corroborated by the working world, in the field of planning of gardens and of landscapes, both in public and private administrations. Also they have won the appreciation of Associazione Italiana di Architettura del Paesaggio (AIPP)(Italian Federation for Landscape Architecture) and, in European field, by the European Federation for Landscape Architect (EFLA).
This course completes the education of a graduate with a Bachelor in Vegetable Productions, curriculum Florovivaismo, realizzazione e gestione delle aree verdi) course Realizzazione e gestione delle aree verdi and in Architecture and Design curriculum Architecture of Green Areas, oriented to a specific closer examination of different agricultural and planning aspects of the field of parks and gardens managing, giving the skills to plan green areas on different reference scales.

Job opportunities

A graduate can work as a freelancer (after being put on the Register), or can be employed in managing high responsibility positions:

  • in planning public and private green areas;
  • in arranging for decayed areas;
  • in planning terraced gardens;
  • in restoration of historical gardens;
  • in technical care and counselling;
  • in teaching and research of vegetable productions;
  • in planning rural landscape;
  • in writing landscape plans;
  • in planning parks and gardens.

    Final exam

    1. To be admitted to the final exam the student must have successfully passed all the exams of the program of study.
    2. The final exam for the bachelor's degree (Laurea di I livello) consists of a public discussion of a dissertation or of a written thesis. The final exam for the master's degree (Laurea specialistica) consists of a public discussion of a dissertation worked out by the student, under the guidance of a professor. The final assessment of the student is a combination of the average score obtained through all courses attended during his academic curriculum and the score of the final exam.
    3. Educational structures decide how the Examining Board, that will give the master's degree (Laurea specialistica), is made up.
    4. The Examining Board for the bachelor(Laurea di I livello) is made up of 5 to 7 members, including the President; the Examining Board for the master (Laurea specialistica)is made up of 7 to 11 members, including the President. In both cases most of the members are professors or permanent researchers. The Examining Board can give up to 110 points; honors can be given if the mark is 110 and if all members agree. With the master's degree it is possible to obtain the Dignità di stampa in case the final mark is 110 with honors and all the members agree.

    Requisites for admission to the Master of Science (Laurea specialistica)

    Bachelors (Laurea di I livello) that give access to this Master of Science (Laurea specialistica): Architecture and Design (II School of Architecture) in Torino and Architecture and Design (II School of Architecture) in Mondovi'