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28- biomedica

Computatational Analysis of the Interaction between fibrinogen and COVID-19 spike protein  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Computational search for inhibitors of SOD1 mutant infectivity as potential therapeutics for ALS disease  DERIU MARCO AGOSTINO  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Deep-Leaning based segmentation of the thumb and osteophyte identification for trapeziometacarpal arthroplasty  BIGNARDI CRISTINA  TERZINI MARA
Development and testing of a microcontroller-based system for electrical stimulation of biological constructs for skeletal muscle tissue engineering applications  MASSAI DIANA NADA CATERINA
Experimental determination of local pH changes in cancer and normal cells  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Generation of the Phylogenetic Tree of Tubulin and Its Binding Sites for Drug Interactions  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Modeling the EKG and blood pressure time series of patients exposed to an external source of electromagnetic waves  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Molecular modelling of neuronal lipid membrane composition and relation to conductance properties  CAVAGLIA' MARCO  DERIU MARCO AGOSTINO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Multiscale computational modelling of heart transplantation allograft vasculopathy  CHIASTRA CLAUDIO  GALLO DIEGO
Reverse Engineering the Electromagnetic Circuitry of the Cell  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Verifica, validazione, e quantificazione dell’incertezza di modelli subject-specific di dinamica del sistema muscolo-scheletrico  AUDENINO ALBERTO  BIGNARDI CRISTINA
Virtual Screening in Search of Inhibitors of UBR1 E3 Ligase  DERIU MARCO AGOSTINO  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM

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