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AA - Glasses, Ceramics and Composites

esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO 3D-printing of optimized catalyst´s support geometries for syngas-synthetic chemicals conversion in fixed bed reactors  FERRARIS MONICA  SMEACETTO FEDERICO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Engineering self-heatead micro-reformer for micro-solid oxide fuel cell applications  FERRARIS MONICA  SMEACETTO FEDERICO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Extraction of essential oils with antibacterial activity and functionalization of titanium surfaces with them  FERRARIS SARA  SPRIANO SILVIA
Extrusion process for bioresorbable optical glasses  JANNER DAVIDE LUCA
Fabrication of novel glasses and specialty optical fibres for biomedical applications  JANNER DAVIDE LUCA  MILANESE DANIEL
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Macroporous titanium implants with surface nanostructuring: synthesis, characterization and biological response  FERRARIS SARA  SPRIANO SILVIA
Materials for circular economy: Utilization of “fly ash” and “bottom ash” in construction industry  FERRARIS MONICA
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Nanoparticelle magnetiche multifunzionali per il trattamento dei tumori  MIOLA MARTA  VERNE' ENRICA
Open source software development for lab measurement automation  JANNER DAVIDE LUCA
Optical fiber sensors for environmental monitoring  JANNER DAVIDE LUCA
azienda TESI AZIENDA Optimization, characterization and testing of glass joining with Ti alloys and Al alloys for innovative glass-to-metal seal hermetic connectors  FERRARIS MONICA  SMEACETTO FEDERICO
azienda TESI AZIENDA Production of glass multiforms for glass-to-metal seal hermetic connectors: study and characterization of new glass compositions and manufacturing process optimization  FERRARIS MONICA  SALVO MILENA  SMEACETTO FEDERICO
Pulsed laser for micro-/nano-structuring and materials processing  MILANESE DANIEL
Realization of an eye-safe LIDAR prototype  JANNER DAVIDE LUCA
Rivestimenti antiossidativi per materiali termolettrici innovativi  SALVO MILENA  SMEACETTO FEDERICO
azienda TESI AZIENDA esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Thin samples preparation for TEM characterization of sensitive materials  SALVO MILENA

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