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Advanced Acoustic and thermal modelling of slim, lightweight, and multifunctional curtain wall system  FANTUCCI STEFANO  SHTREPI LOUENA
Advanced control strategies for improving occupant comfort and energy performance by means of dynamic facades (internship + thesis)  CAPOZZOLI ALFONSO  FAVOINO FABIO  BAEDA lab (www.baeda.polito.it)
Benchmarking of adaptive control strategies of HVAC systems in a dynamic co-simulation environment  CAPOZZOLI ALFONSO  BAEDA lab (www.baeda.polito.it)
Blu. Dalle materie prime per ricrearlo, alle loro potenzialità nel futuro del design.  DAL PALU' DORIANA
Characterization of occupant behaviour in buildings through data analytics techniques  CAPOZZOLI ALFONSO  BAEDA lab (www.baeda.polito.it)
Control to respond: Demand response in districts of buildings by means of adaptive controls  CAPOZZOLI ALFONSO  BAEDA lab (www.baeda.polito.it)
azienda TESI AZIENDA Data mining analysis to define energy performance parameters, KPI and benchmark in the commercial sector  FABRIZIO ENRICO
Development of a data analytics-based EIS tool for the automatic recognition of anomalous energy consumption patterns in buildings  CAPOZZOLI ALFONSO  BAEDA lab (www.baeda.polito.it)
Effectiveness of the Speech and Sound Semaphore in primary schools as a mean to reduce irrelevant speech noise (Thesis supported by Onlus Ciao ci sentiamo)  ASTOLFI ARIANNA  MASOERO MARCO CARLO  SHTREPI LOUENA
Implementation of sound insulation and acoustic comfort requirements in the BIM software environment  ASTOLFI ARIANNA  OSELLO ANNA  SHTREPI LOUENA
Irrelevant speech noise levels: what does it depend to?  ASTOLFI ARIANNA  MASOERO MARCO CARLO
Lighting of educational buildings. Effects on occupants' health and wellbeing  LO VERSO VALERIO ROBERTO MARIA  PELLEGRINO ANNA
Measurement of audio-video ecological scenes for the Audio Space Lab of the Politecnico di Torino.  ASTOLFI ARIANNA  MASOERO MARCO CARLO  SHTREPI LOUENA
azienda TESI AZIENDA Study of a multi-sensor “UNOnext”: detecting occupancy from IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)  FABRIZIO ENRICO
Voice monitoring of university professors at a large scale and relationships with classroom size and acoustics, subject taught and personal factors  ASTOLFI ARIANNA  CARULLO ALESSIO  MASOERO MARCO CARLO

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