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A proposed lumped method to evaluate energy performance of an office inside the Energy Center  BOTTACCIOLI LORENZO  LANZINI ANDREA  Energy Center Lab
Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for energy production forecasting of a solar concentrator  Energy Center Lab
Carbon capture (CO2) - experimental activity in a research test bench  Energy Center Lab
DSM techniques for the reduction of energy consumption - case study
Demonstration / experimental activity for high temperature heat storage through solar concentration  Energy Center Lab
Design of a process system that includes a PCM storage with the support of the AMEsim software  M3ES
azienda TESI AZIENDA Experimental investigation of thermal recovery using PCM - material testing and selection for cold and hot purposes
azienda TESI AZIENDA Feasibility study of a shell and tube heat exchanger with phase change materials - CFD approach  steps-denerg
Gas cleaning exploiting a cryogenic system for SOFC applications  LANZINI ANDREA  steps-denerg
Geothermal heat pump - experimental application for a residential case study  BARLA MARCO  Energy Center Lab
Hybrid models for the indoor temperature prediction: case study Energy Center building  BOTTACCIOLI LORENZO  LANZINI ANDREA  Energy Center Lab
Pyrogasification of waste - sewage sludge - modeling analysis (CFD) in supercritical conditions  steps-denerg
Sensitivity analysis (CFD approach) of a thermofluidodynamic model of an alpha model Stirling engine fed by gas exhaust from micro generator systems  Energy Center Lab  stes-denerg
Thermal storage with PCM using a geothermal heat pump  M3ES
Thermal storage with PCM using a hydronic heat pump  M3ES
Thermal storage with PCM using an air-to-air heat pump  M3ES

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