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Bitter taste receptors: molecular characterisation and functional investigation of the main receptor candidates [in collaboration with IDSIA Lugano - Switzerland]  28- biomedica
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Computational design of novel PROTAC structures targeting the KRAS pathway  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM  28- biomedica
Computational design of novel PROTAC structures targeting the p53 mutants for degradation  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM  28- biomedica
Computational investigations of the link between heperphosphorylation of MAP tau and zinc binding in Alzheimer's disease  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM  28- biomedica
Computational modeling of fibronectin and a search for small molecule inhibitors of its interactions with integrins  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM  28- biomedica
Computational modeling of the heat shock protein HSP90 alpha and a search for its small molecule inhibitors  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM  28- biomedica
Conformational characterisation of the human sweet taste receptor empowered by computational modelling  28- biomedica
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Design and testing of novel Proteolysis-targeting chimera (PROTAC) construct for brain cancer therapy  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM  28- biomedica
Insights into the complex taste perception pathways employing protein network modelling techniques [in collaboration with Inysbio Patras Greece - https://www.insybio.com/]  28- biomedica
Molecular optimisation of the sour taste receptor candidates: a study on the Otopetrin family  28- biomedica
Molecular-based comparative analysis between taste receptors and human proteome to shed light on the hidden relationships among the complex taste pathway and beyond  28- biomedica
Structural refinement and characterisation of the human umami taste receptor: a molecular-modelling investigation study  28- biomedica

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