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Aeroelasticity of slender towers  PAGANI ALFONSO  26- MUL2
Aeroelasticity of suspension bridges  PAGANI ALFONSO  26- MUL2
Aeroservoelasticity of lifting surfaces  PAGANI ALFONSO  26- MUL2
Analysis and design of docking mechanisms for space applications  PAGANI ALFONSO  26- MUL2
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Analysis of adhesive joints for composite structures applications  PAGANI ALFONSO  26- MUL2
Attenuazione rumore in fusoliera tramite l'utilizzo di metamateriali  CINEFRA MARIA  26- MUL2
Design and analysis of inflatable space modules  PAGANI ALFONSO  26- MUL2
Design of major cabin interiors of Regional aircrafts and Business Jet taking into account Human Factors  CINEFRA MARIA  26- MUL2
Development of advanced finite elements for multi-field problems  PAGANI ALFONSO  26- MUL2
Evaluation and selection of beam models by genetic algorithms and exact solution of advanced theories  PAGANI ALFONSO  26- MUL2
Instability problems of reinforced light structures  PAGANI ALFONSO  26- MUL2
azienda TESI AZIENDA Multiscuplinary Design of Innovative Rigid Airship for Superyatch in collaboration with Pininfarina  CINEFRA MARIA  PAGANI ALFONSO  ZAPPINO ENRICO  26- MUL2
Piezoelectric materials for the active control of noise and vibrations in aircraft cabin  CINEFRA MARIA  26- MUL2
Simulation and analysis of space structures made by ''Additive Manufacturing''  PAGANI ALFONSO  26- MUL2
Thermo-mechanical analysis of innovative materials used in the cabin  CINEFRA MARIA  26- MUL2
Usage of sensor and actuator piezo-patches for the active control of noise and vibrations in the fuselage  CINEFRA MARIA  26- MUL2

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