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Adaptor and Catheter designs for delivery of a Nanoparticle Gel  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Analysis and design of novel acquisition methods for surface ElectroMyoGraphic (sEMG) signal  MOTTO ROS PAOLO  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems — https://mines.polito.it)
Analysis and validation of a bio-mimetic FES system for hand movements recovery  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Blood pressure: study of the correlation between changes in this clinical parameter with cardiovascular disease  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Changes in the Tendon after Injury with micro Computed Tomography and Histological Assessments  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Design of a Custom PCB for In-Vivo Stem Impedance Monitoring  GARLANDO UMBERTO  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Design of a Custom PCB for monitoring plant based communication systems  GARLANDO UMBERTO  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Design of a Wireless Body Area Netork (WBAN) for motion analysis  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Design of a low-cost frost detector electronic system for professional orchards  GARLANDO UMBERTO  VLSILAB (VLSI theory, design and applications)
Development and validation of an Android application for storing and analysis of muscular information  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Development of a multi-force -sensor patch-based acquisition device for PWV measurement  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Development of an innovative ML algortim for PWV measurement on single signal sampling site  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Embedded Lossless and Near-Lossless Real-Time Compression of sEMG Signals  MOTTO ROS PAOLO  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
How stress and cognitive load affect our physiological signals: focus on PPG and respiration  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Identifying In Vivo Changes in the Tumor Microenvironment and Sensing with Metallic Nanoparticles  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Implementation of an on-chip machine learning algorithm for stress and cognitive load analysis: computation cost and execution time analysis
Invisible monitoring: implementation of an FMCW radar imaging algorithm for motion classification  MOTTO ROS PAOLO  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Ions Recognition in Water Solution for Smart Agriculture Application  GARLANDO UMBERTO  VLSILAB (VLSI theory, design and applications)
Machine learning based stem impedance data analysis for irrigation scheduling  GARLANDO UMBERTO  VLSILAB (VLSI theory, design and applications)
Medical device optimization for PWV estimation  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Stress and mental workload detection: development of a real-time application  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Use of electrodes for Pulse Wave Velocity estimation  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)

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