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Control and non-linear energy dissipation devices in pipeline systems for chemical plants  MATTA EMILIANO  Centre of Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems, Cranfield University, UK  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab  Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN XP-Resilience team  Responsible Risk Resilience interdepartmental Centre (R3C) www.r3c.polito.it
Condition assessment of concrete spatial stuctures and vaulting systems  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab  Responsible Risk Resilience interdepartmental Centre (R3C) www.r3c.polito.it
Damage thresholds for monitored historical structures: the Sanctuary of Vicoforte  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab
Discrete element model calibration of masonry structures  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab  Masonry Research Group of University of Leeds
Identification, Seismic Analysis ans Safety Assessment of Cultural Heritage Structures  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab
azienda TESI AZIENDA Modeling of the seismic response of masonry structures: comparisons between established and innovative peridynamic approaches  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab
Non-linear identification of structures and hybrid simulations  Computational Methods in Civil Engineering, University of Aarhus (DK)  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab
Object Oriented System Identification Software in Python\QT environment  laboratorio di dinamica e sismica
Structural Health Monitoring through video-processing technologies  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab
Structural rehabilitation and seismic upgrade of a baroque church  Earthquake Engineering & Dynamics lab

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