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azienda TESI AZIENDA Behavior of metallurgical fracture on bearing rolling elements (influence of manufacturing process parameters)  MATTEIS PAOLO
azienda TESI AZIENDA Characterization at temperatures other than ambient temperature of materials for Thermal Management of batteries for automotive applications  CURA' FRANCESCA MARIA  18-Progettazione e sperimentazione di organi di trasmissione
Development of a non destructive technique for testing disk brakes made of glass-ceramic composites  CURA' FRANCESCA MARIA  THEXOR - DIMEAS
azienda TESI AZIENDA Development of an integrated visual, thermographic, ultrasound, and eddy current inspection system  THEXOR - DIMEAS
Experimental analysis of a new metal composite material processed by additive manufacturing for space propulsion applications  DELPRETE CRISTIANA
azienda TESI AZIENDA In line monitoring of welding processes for train industry by means of thermographic techniques with Machine Learning  CURA' FRANCESCA MARIA  THEXOR - DIMEAS
New strategies for innovative uses of One-Shot Learning algorithms for industrial processes  CURA' FRANCESCA MARIA
Numerical analysis of an additive manufacturing liquid rocket engine thrust chamber with an innovative Metal Matrix Composite  DELPRETE CRISTIANA  20-Industrial Systems Engineering and Design
azienda TESI AZIENDA RCF performance of steel rolling elements with conversion coating  MATTEIS PAOLO
investigation on metallurgical and physical parameters of metallic materials with fatigue damage  CURA' FRANCESCA MARIA