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Advanced control strategies for improving occupant comfort and energy performance by means of dynamic facades (internship + thesis)  CAPOZZOLI ALFONSO  BAEDA lab (www.baeda.polito.it)  TEBE
Advanced Double skin facades by means of flexible control of air flow and solar shading (thesis, or thesis + internship) - REINVENT project  PERINO MARCO  TEBE (http://www.tebe.polito.it/)
Advanced Heat Harvesting window for High Performance buildings (thesis, or thesis + internship) - iclimabuilt project  PERINO MARCO  TEBE (http://www.tebe.polito.it/)
Best practices and guidelines for experimental methods in living laboratories for the built environment  PELLEGRINO ANNA  TEBE (http://www.tebe.polito.it/)
Digital Twins in the built environment: the case for active, responsive and solar facades (thesis, or thesis + internship) - iclimabuilt project  PERINO MARCO  TEBE (http://www.tebe.polito.it/)
Evaluation of thermal loads in high performance glazing systems (thesis, or thesis + internship)  SERRA VALENTINA  TEBE (http://www.tebe.polito.it/)
Parametric co-simulation environment for high performance building envelope design (thesis, or thesis + internship) - iclimabuilt project  TEBE (http://www.tebe.polito.it/)
azienda TESI AZIENDA esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Towards Resilient Fašades: from qualitative to quantitative buidling performance analysis for designing resilient building envelope systems  TEBE (http://www.tebe.polito.it/)
Towards intelligent IoT infrastructure and sensors for continuous monitoring of building performance (thesis, or thesis + internship)  SERRA VALENTINA  TEBE (http://www.tebe.polito.it/)

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